Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist, Upcoming Spoiler, News, Updates on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which Indramati is getting angry and says that I will fulfill my aim now. Mani Karnika says a kinnar will rule this Dravidian throne. On the other side, Padmavija is saying that I will Devsena at any cost. I will see that which power will stop me. Finally, the Sambhavija is coming out from the mirror but when Padmavija is coming there and then gets shocked to see this.

Padmavija says that how is it possible that Sambhavija is coming out from the mirror but how? Which superpower is coming in this Mahal that Sambhavija is getting released out from my clutches. How is it possible? Devsena says that I feel so fresh in this forest and now I feel from all boundations. This forest is so peaceful and pious where air flows down very nicely. Here Manikarnika is dancing and then thinks like how she became kinnar?

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Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

She says that I was also playing the same with Mithya in my childhood time. Devsena says that I am missing my father and that’s why I have to find out him as soon as possible. We have to go to the village to find out the father. Jaldev says yes why not? We have to go now. In between, someone attacked Jaldev and then catches his soul. Later Jaldev says to Devsena that now I am going to kill you. She doesn’t know that he is not Jaldev. She looks at Jaldev and says that I trust you now you are betraying me like this why?

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Padmavija is calling Kaal Ketu there in the Mahal and asks him to come in his real face. He says that I am not able to come in my real identity because I am dead. Padmavija asks how? How did it happen?  Kaal Ketu says that your daughter Devsena killed me. Padmavija is getting angry very badly. Sambhavija is coming into the mirror again and says that she is my daughter, the future of Dravidian. She will finish you also.

Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Here Manikarnika is dancing in front of the goddess idol and says that finally, the moment is coming finally. Manikarnika recalled some moments like she took birth in the perfect time and that’s why she will become a queen of Dravid Rajya. Here Devsena is getting shocked to think about the Kaal Ketu. Suddenly, Jaldev is coming there. Devsena is getting happy to see him and hugs him tightly. Jaldev asks are you ok? Devsena says I am fine but I was scared by getting you disappear.

Devsena says that I think Indramitra send this man here. But I am shocked to think that how could he recognize that I am Devsena. Jaldev says that not only me, Indramitra also knew you. Devsena asks how could you save yourself? Jaldev says that I handled him very carefully. Later Devsena says to Jaldev aka Shivgum that do you want to become my friend because you are the only one whom I trust a lot.

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