Aarambh 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The one of the most awaited show of the Star Plus channel which will start to get telecast on 24th June 2017 at 9 PM on every Saturday and Sunday. In this Serial, serial makers will be going to tell you the biography story of Dev Sena who is Baahubali’s Wife and a queen of Maheshmati’s. Here you will get all the story scenes, stunts, dialogues, life, emotions of Dev Sena like how will she run her rules. All people will be getting so happy to see Dev Sena as their queen. All Praja people will so happy under the rules of Dev Sena.

The show starts with the scene in which Varun Dev’s father is giving a silver made janeu to him. He asks why? He starts to tell everything to Varun Dev like a man was coming to our home when Varun Dev was so small. That time, he gave you a silver made janeu and this janeu is yours only. So that’s why I am giving this to you.

Here Varun Dev is getting ready for going for a big mission. His father says that we are Arya’s and you have to complete our mission because this is our ancestors. Varun Dev replies that you don’t worry baba, I will do my best. Now all the people including Varun Dev started their journey for their mission. They are walking through ice mountains.

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Aarambh 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode

In between their walk, they are taking some rest. Suddenly, they hear some sounds of those men who are just like animals because they can easily eat an ordinary man and suck their all blood too. Varun Dev’s senior asks him to assume them in numbers.  Varun Dev replies that animal eaters are double in number as compared to us. His senior says that we have to do fight with them. They start to fight with them in which Varun Dev’s senior is getting injured.

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He says that I just want to reach Sind area. But it will take two days and I don’t have much time. Varun Dev says that you don’t worry, I know one short cut but we have to climb one big mountain. Aryawar head aka Varun Dev’s senior says that how would I go there? Varun says that I will take you there. But after to climb mountain, they are reaching to the Dravid’s area. Varun Dev’s senior says that next landed officer of Aryawar is only Varun Dev.

Aarambh 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Dayalini is coming near to the throne. She recalled like when Chamundi is not alive now. That time, someone stopped her from sitting on this throne. They told her that Devsena will sit here. From that time, Dayalini made a dream to sit on this Dravid’s throne. But her dream is still hanging in between. Suddenly, a girl is coming there and says to Dayalini that haahu maa take all decision for Dravid’s. But now she is also dreaming of making Dev Sena as the new queen of Dravid’s.

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