Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist, Upcoming Spoiler, News, Updates on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which Devsena says to Jaldev that I know you are my best and loyal friend. So that’s why I am saying to you to protect me from enemies. Here Mahisha says that Jaldev will rule in Dravid Rajgya soon. Padmavija orders to kill all enemies soon. Devsena says to Jaldev that it’s Siyala’s place from where we have to make Silamban free at any cost. Jaldev says that you don’t worry, I will keep everything ready.

Devsena says to Jaldev that I am going inside just to find out Silamban like where they kept him in their place. Jaldev says her not to go alone inside. Devsena says that my plan is my army and that’s why I am not alone. I will handle everyone and everything inside the Siyala’s place. Devsena added that I have to go there and then checks out whether Silamban is fine or not. I will bring him out at any cost.

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Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Jaldev is trying to say something like but. Devsena looks on and then says bye to him. She leaves the place and then goes inside. Here Silamban is getting tortured by everyone. But when Siyala is coming there then she asks him to hug her right now. But Silamban is not ready to do this. Siyala threatened him very badly and says that I will finish everything in Dravid Rajya if you won’t follow my words.

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Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Here Mani Karnika is coming but when she is trying hard to go inside. Then the guards are not giving any permission to her. She starts to do an argument with them. Meghla comes there. Suddenly, the snake attacks him very badly. Mani Karnika saves her from every type of attack and all.

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