Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene in which Padmavija says that Devsena will give death to Silamban tomorrow at any cost because I got this information with proof. Jaldev Looks on shockingly. But Devsena gets emotional to see Silamban and then she hugs Silamban. She starts to cry after to hug. Finally, Devsena brings Silamban back to the Dravid Rajgya whereas Padmavija is showing like she is so happy to see him. She is coming close to Silamban and greets him.

She says to Siyala that you are doing wrong by kidnapping my husband like this. Siyala is crying a lot. Padmavija says that Siyala becomes my daasi from now onwards. Later she says that Devsena did a big work by bringing my husband back here. I am so happy and that’s why I am going to give a big shahi prize to Devsena. Devsena is getting so happy to see this. Padmavija says to Praja to clap in the welcome of Dravid King.

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Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Nobody claps for them. Padmavija asks what happened? Their Praja says that if you are making Siyala as your daasi then why do you want to clap for your husband. This is the only reason because he is a king. Padmavija says that I am a queen first instead of a wife. So that I can take a decision for him. We will be going to give a death punishment to King Silamban. Devsena is getting shocked to see this. Padmavija says to Devsena to take a decision for her father that whether he will get normal ordinary death or he will get die just like a king style?

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Devsena says that she is not able to take this decision. Padmavija thinks that Praja people can do right, they told whatever she wants to say every time. She is happy from inside. Padmavija says to Devsena that if you are not able to take any decision then I am going to make an announcement and that is, King Silamban will die like an ordinary man. Devsena is getting the break down very badly.

Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

She is crying a lot. Jaldev is coming there and says her to stop all this and let you have to take some action. You are the one who will make the new rule here. Here Padmavija and all other people are getting together in the Sabha whereas one of the sainik is going to kill Silamban in an ordinary way by removing his crown and all. Suddenly, Devsena is coming there and stops everything. She says that my father will get a death of a king. Padmavija says that if you want this, then let me clear you that you will have to kill your father in the early morning. Devsena says ok.

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