Aarambh 5th August 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene in which Devsena is getting engaged with the Mahesha. All people are giving a lot of congratulations to Rajkumari Devsena. The Devsena’s mother says that now Devsena is going to perform a dance in front of all people as per our rituals. Every queen must have to perform a dance just after her engagement. All people are getting so happy and excited to perform a dance. Some people are saying that we always see Rajkumari with the weapons but today we are getting so much excited to watch this dance.

Here Devsena says to her mother that I need one partner for the dance and I will choose my partner on my own. Her mother says that ok you may check out with whom you want to perform a dance. Devsena is going near to the Jaldev and asks him to perform a dance with her. Everyone is getting shocked very badly and thinks that why is she choosing this man? Everyone says that Rajkumari must have to choose her fiance for the dance but she did the complete opposite.

Aarambh 5th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Devsena starts to dance with the Jaldev in front of all people very romantically. All people are looking at them very shockingly. But Devsena and Jaldev aka Shivgum are dancing together in between all people. Mahesha is getting angry to see them. But Devsena’s mother says that she is a princess and that’s why she is having a right to choose anyone for her dance. Even Dravid ladies are really different from all other ladies.

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She asks Mahesha for the dance. They both are coming on the floor and starts to dance together. All people are enjoying their dance. But Devsena’s sister is getting jealous to see Rajkumari Devsena and Jaldev together. She decides to stop the dance. So that’s why she throws a coin in between their dance. Devsena is getting slip down and then she is about to fall down. Jaldev catches her in his arms. Devsena’s sister is getting jealous very badly.

Aarambh 5th August 2017 Written Update Episode:

Later Devsena is going to Hahumaa in their secret room and asks her what happened? Who is trying to kill me? She just asks her to give one indication towards that person who is having a wish to kill me. Hahumaa says her to bring some stuff of that person whom you are having a doubt upon? Devsena is going to Jaldev’s room to bring something. Devsena’s sister is going behind her and asks her what is she doing this? Devsena recalled that Hahumaa told her not to share this matter with anyone. So that’s why she stands silent. Devsena’s sister asks her that she likes Jaldev or not? Devsena gets silent.

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