Abhi Gets Stuck in Between Tanu and Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Episode

Abhi Gets Stuck in Between Tanu and Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Episode Update, Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming News Update, Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler July 2016 Online. 

The Most Interesting show of Zee TV channel  Kumkum Bhagya will show that Pragya aka Sriti Jha will prove that Tanu is not going to become a mother of Abhi’s baby. Apart from this, Pragya will show medical DNA reports to Abhi which will clearly prove that Abhi is not a father of Tanu’s baby.

This is such a tensed moment when Tanu will also show another DNA reports which will prove that Abhi is an only father of Tanu’s baby. Tanu accuses Pragya and says that she is just trying to put me down in every body’s eyes. So that’s why Pragya is doing all this.

After so many discussions, controversies, and talks. Tanu will not get any way to come out from this situation. So that she will be getting faint and falling down. Therefore, Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia and Nikhil will be getting tensed to see Tanu’s bad situation.

Nikhil will be getting more tensed and panic after seeing this condition of Tanu or Leena Jumani. He will be looking so sad as compare to Abhi. Abhi will be getting surprised and thinks that why Nikhil is getting tensed because there is no connection in between Nikhil and Tanu. Then why he gets tensed.

After seeing all this, Abhi will be getting confused whether he believes Pragya or Tanu? Who tells a truth and who tells a lie? Abhi will decide that when Tanu will come in a conscious state then he will investigate this matter before to take any decision.

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