Ashok & Nidhi Bribe a Judge, Raman & Ishita Catches them in YHM News June-July 2016

Ashok & Nidhi Bribe a Judge, Raman & Ishita Catches them in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein News June-July 2016

The Upcoming Tracks of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Nidhi and Ashok will make a plan to take Ruhi’s custody at any cost. So that’s why they will decide to bribe a judge for this. But they will forget that Ishita and Raman are so clever and they will never get this happen.

Actually, Nidhi will say to Ashok that Judge told her that if you want Ruhi’s custody then you will give more money to me. Apart from this, you will also change yourself and nurtures Ruhi with love and care. Ashok will be getting happy when he come to know about this wish of judge.

After this, Nidhi will say to Ashok that you will more money to judge and use all your ministerial powers because she want to get Ruhi at any cost. Ashok will reply to her that you don’t worry, I will do as per your wish.

Ashok and Nidhi bribe to judge, Ishita and Raman catch them red handed yhm june update 2016

Raman and Ishita will go there. Raman taunts by saying that you are always think bad for everyone. So that’s why god never helps you in any of your plans. Ashok and Nidhi will get irritated. They will try to ignore Raman and Ishita.

Raman will say to Ashok that I don’t have any respect for you in my heart because you are taking Nidhi’s side in this type of case. Ashok will reply to Raman that I also don’t have any respect for you because your first wife Shagun left you and came to me. Apart from this, your second wife Ishita also left you and went Australia.

Now your daughter Ruhi is also ready to leave you forever. If you family members are not thinking about you then why he take care of him in any aspect. Raman gets angry and says to him that why are you taking my daughter’s name. Raman holds his collar and starts to beat him.

Ishita will come in between and stops him. Ishita will burst out on Ashok by saying that Raman is so lucky because he is having two wives who trust him from their heart. Apart from this, two kids are with us, and third one will come back soon.

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