Beyhadh 10th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 10th Apil 2017  Written Update, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in Saanjh asks Ayaan that you have to tell me everything about that night. Ayaan says I already told you 100 times. Saanjh says that you have to tell me 500 times now. Here Maya says to Arjun that your brother ruined my life and you are defending him in front of him. Why? As you know, a woman is having only this what your brother snatched me. Arjun says that my brother never does this. Maya says that if you can’t trust me then why I am sitting here, I have to die now. Arjun says that I am going to the police station now.

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Beyhadh 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Arjun is coming to the police station where Vandana and Saanjh are talking to Ayaan. Saanjh says to Ayaan that why are you behaving like this? If you are sure that you didn’t do anything wrong with Maya then you don’t worry, I will save you because laws are not blind, they will punish only culprit and nobody else. Arjun reaches there. Vandana shouts at him very badly and says that you meet us after so many years and look what your Maya did to us?

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Arjun says that she is innocent and Ayaan is the culprit. Vandana says that Maya makes you blind and that’s why you are saying whatever she want to hear. Arjun says to Vandana that I will not leave Ayaan easily. Arjun says to Saanjh that you are choosing a wrong side by choosing Ayaan today. Now I will show you the truth like how much I love Maya? Now I will fight from Maya’s side and will punish Ayaan at any cost.

Beyhadh 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Arjun is coming back to the home where he sees Maya when she is about to jump from the height. Arjun stops her. Maya is getting out of control. Arjun slaps her very badly and says that he loves her. Now he will fight with Ayaan and will punish him too. Here Saanjh is asking Ayaan that what happened? You have to tell me everything about that day when you was present at Maya’s home. Samay is also present there.

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