Beyhadh 10th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 10th February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Jhanvi is pointing a gun towards Ashwin and says him that I am so angry because you ruined my daughter’s life. I told you hundred of times not to do anything against Maya aka Jennifer Winget. But you did everything according to yourself. So that I have decided to kill you right now. So that you won’t hurt me or my daughter in further life. Even I love you but you look after my money only. Arjun aka Kushal Tondon decides to take revenge from Ashwin. Here Maya is cutting something and a lot of blood is coming out.

Maya is coming out from the room. Arjun gets so happy to see her. He says to Maya that I am so happy to see you here. Even I don’t want to see you like this. Please don’t cry ever. Maya says to Arjun that you make me a promise that you won’t leave me ever. Maya raises her hand. Saanjh is putting her hand in Maya’s hand. Arjun also puts his hand on their hands. Saanjh says to Maya that love means to live together happily, loves means to do sacrifice for each other, or love means to stop tears of each other. Saanjh says that Arjun will take 7th promise from Maya and that is, Arjun wants you in his life for doing love.

Arjun says to Maya that I want you in my life forever very happily. Even I want to see you happy always. Maya replies that I am ready to fulfill all the promise happily with full dedication. Maya says that if you will go away from me then this manglasutra will kill me and if you will stay near to me then I will live happily. Both are sitting together in the mandap. Saanjh sings a song,”Channa Mereya, Channa Mereya, Beliya, Oh Piya.”

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Beyhadh 10th February 2017 Written Update:

Maya is giving sweets to Arjun and Maya both. All people are looking happy except Vandana and Saanjh’s mother. They both are getting tensed to think about this marriage. But Saanjh is giving sweet to them and says them to keep happy because everything will be getting alright. After some time, Maya congratulates Arjun and Maya for their marriage. Maya added that I am going to leave this place because I won’t see you to get marry to anyone else. I am so great Arjun!

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Arjun catches her hand and stops her. A song plays on,”Mehfil mein teri hum na rahe to gum to nahi hai, kitni dafa subho ko meri aangan me bethi meri shaam kia.” Pandit ji says to Arjun that you get ready for the wedding rounds. Saanjh asks Vandana that may I do this ritual of joining Arjun and Maya’s dupatta for taking wedding rounds. Vandana says yes. She gives dupatta to Saanjh. Here Saanjh is joining them by using dupatta. But when she gets up. By mistakenly, Saanjh’s dupatta was also getting to tie with their dupatta. She looks behind and unlocks her dupatta. Maya gets angry to see this. Saanjh cries and tries to go from there. Arjun says her to stop now. Saanjh looks behind. Arjun hugs her and says that I love you, please don’t away from me. He says if you love me then what is my mistake in this. Why are you giving me the punishment. Saanjh says that I am so strong that I see everything by sitting here in front of my eyes. Arjun says my happiness is incomplete without you.

Beyhadh 10th February 2017 Written Episode:

Arjun says that why are you going to leave me like this. If you will stay here then my happiness will get double. A song plays behind the scene,”Tere Ruk Se Apna Rasta Modke Chala, Chandan Hun Main Apni Khushbu Chodke Chala.” Arjun hugs her tightly. But here Maya is getting red in an anger. She burns the mandap curtain. Saanjh screams and calls Maya’s name. Arjun is running towards Maya to save her life. Vandana is trying to stop him. But Arjun is not listening her. Arjun says to Maya to come outside. Maya says firstly we have to complete our wedding rounds and then we will go outside. Arjun is saying here again and again for going out. But she gets up and puts a dupatta in Arjun’s neck to complete her wedding rounds. Finally, their wedding is getting complete and then Ashwin comes there. He try to stop them. But he falls down in hawankund. Everybody screams very badly. He is falling down like a dead body.

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