Beyhadh 12th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd- Behad Second Episode

Beyhadh 12th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd – Behad 12 Oct 2016 Second Episode on

The Episode Beyhadh 12th Oct 2016 continues with the scene in which Saanjh is in office and she is talking to her boss about her law degree. Actually, Saanjh is an advocate by profession. Here Arjun is flirting with the receptionist girl. He is giving a chocolate to her and smiles a lot. Saanjh’s boss scolds her very badly and she gets irritated.

Maya calls Arjun in her cabin. He comes there and sits. Maya says I didn’t tell you to sit here. She asks him why I hire you, even you didn’t have any experience in photography. He says that I know I am not experienced but I am keen to learn more and more. He is trying to impress her but she is showing an attitude. Arjun gets up because he never tolerate her attitude. But he recalls Saanjh’s words and then he sits there.

He starts to say so many attractive lines to her. Maya is getting attracted towards him. She is starring at him continuously. But Arjun smiles a lot. Maya looks so angry. He thinks that he lost his job finally. But Maya goes on the reception for taking termination letter and job offer letter. Recpetionist (Shipa Mukhejee) asks her what are you taking termination letter? Maya says this is for you.

Maya is getting overwhelmed after seeing Arjun’s smartness. She appoints him in her office because¬†she like such type of smart people around her especially in her office. So that, she calls him and asks him about his qualification and all. Arjun gets happy because he needs a job, so that he is searching here and there. Finally, Maya gives a job to him. He gets so happy.

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Beyhadh 12th October 2016 Written Update Episode 2nd:

After this, Arjun is coming on his seat. One of the guard says to him to stick with your chair till then mam is here. He thinks that ‘Band Baj Gai Yar Meri.’ Here Ayaan and Suman are coming to home, where Ayaan’s mother welcomes there. They are talking to each other about their jobs. Suman and Vandana are making a fun of their jobs. Vandana says that you have to adopt Saanjh forever because she is staying here always.

Saanjh gets irritated. Vandana asks what happened? Saanjh says that I called him so many times but he didn’t receive my call. Here Arjun is passing through a lot of hurdles in his office. Actually, today is his first day and that’s why he is tolerating so. Here Saanjh says that I am going to his office just to check out him. Ayaan says that you are not going there because he is busy with some stunning models.

Ayaan says that ok you may go there and says I love you to him. Even Suman and Vandana are also forcing Saanjh to confess her love to Arjun because it’s a perfect time to do this. Saanjh says that no I am not feeling all this for him. Ayaan and Sumar are pulling her leg.

After coming back to home. He tells to Saanjh that his boss is so fearless and she is looking like a sociopath woman. Saanjh asks him who is your boss. Before he says something. Saanjh gets a call. She gets up and goes outside to attend that call. Here a man enters in Maya’s cabin, she hides herself under the table. Must see Beyhadh 11th October 2016 written.

Beyhadh 12th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Maya is getting scared by the man who is coming near to her. Suddenly, Janvi is coming there and hugs Maya. She tells to that man why are you saying all this, she is your daughter. He asked Janvi, didn’t you give values to Maya. Janvi gets silent. Maya goes from there and hides herself in the room.

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