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The serial starts with the scene in which Maya aka Jennifer Winget is coming to the Arjun and Saanjh’s house whereas Jhanvi and Suman are getting shocked to see Maya at their house. Maya is looking so much happy and then she sits down in the hall room. Suman shouts and asks her that why don’t she leave them alone? Why is she coming behind them?

Maya replies that there are so many works which I have to do now and some work will do by you people. After to say this, Maya laughs and then stands up to hug Jhanvi by calling Mata. She says to Jhanvi that I am so so happy to see you here. Actually, our life gives us the 2nd chance and it may depend completely on us that how will we take this chance whether we will take a profit from there or to get the loss.

Beyhadh 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Saanjh says to Maya to come with me and let me show your room to you. Maya is coming with Saanjh. Saanjh says her that it’s your room from now onwards and you will ask me freely if you want something or you need something. Maya says Arjun. Saanjh looks on. Maya says I mean, I feel sorry for Arjun like I think a lot in last five years about me and Arjur. Actually, I had something whatever a husband needs from his wife or even I was able to give a baby to him also. Saanjh looks on. Maya makes an innocent face and says that I am sorry, I don’t mean that.

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Maya says to Saanjh that now this baby will teach me the best way to my life. Even we both will become a mother or this baby will have two mothers. So it’s good to live like a sister in this house from now onwards like we will share everything like this house, happiness, sorrow, and Arjun. Saanjh gets angry. Maya says that I don’t mean that. Saanjh says her to take rest now and I will send a food for you. Maya smiles and says ok. Here a police constable is passing outside the Arjun’s bungalow. He asks Arjun whether he came to know something about Maya or not? He thinks that I am helpless in sending her back to the jail because of my baby. She played a big game with me. Then the Constable asks what happened? Arjuns ays nothing, you people must have to find out this.

Beyhadh 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Now the  Arjun is coming to his room whereas he calls Saanjh again and again. He comes near to the washroom and asks her to come out because he wants to talk to her now. Suddenly, the Maya is coming out from the bathroom in a bathrobe. Arjun gets shocked to see Maya in his room. He asks her what is she doing here? Maya is trying to come near to him and then try to touch him. Arjun says her to stay away. Maya says that why are you feeling so awkward like I am touching you the first time. Suddenly, Saanjh is coming there and gets shocked to see all of this.

Arjun asks Saanjh that what happened? What is she doing here in my room? Before to Saanjh say anything, Maya says that I am coming here to take a shower because my room geyser was not working properly. She added that I don’t like that room because there is not a ventilation and a pregnant lady always needs a ventilation first. So can I take this room? Saanjh says yes. Arjun gets angry and then goes away from there. Saanjh is going behind him and try to talk to him. But he shouts and says that I am not having any connection with that Maya. I won’t help her in any situation. Saanjh asks him to hear her once. Arjun is going away from there. In the night time, Arjun wakes up suddenly and then goes out to check out whether everything is fine or not?  But when he is coming in the hall room. Maya starts to make a shayari. Arjun looks on. Maya says that even nature knows everything like I am incomplete without Arjun and my Arjun is incomplete with his Maya. Arjun says that I will complete everything as soon as possible. Maya says him to do everything soon. Maya says him that  Tujhe Pyar Karte Karte, Teri Nind Tak Udadu, Aau Jo Apni Hadd Pe, Tujhe Kya Se Kya Banadu.” She is taking Arjun’s coat and then wears it too.

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