Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 13th March 2017  Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Arjun is getting angry and calls Ayaan as step brother. Ayan is getting angry and then catches his collar. Arjun gets red in an anger and then throws Ayaan on the floor very badly. In between, Maya collapses there because she is completely wet. Arjun shouts and says that if something will get happen wrong with my Maya then I won’t leave you.

Later Saanjh is coming to Vandana’s home and gives a good news to her. Saanjh says that you are going to become dadi very soon. Even Arjun will be going to become dady cool very soon.  Vandana is getting so happy and then ready to eat the sweets. But Ayaan is coming in between and says that Arjun is not muy brother. So that my mom won’t become anything.

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Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Update:

Ayaan says that Arjun called me a step brother and he didn’t consider you as a mother. Then what type of happiness is this? If Arjun is not our family member then we don’t celebrate this. Vandana says to Ayaan to stop all this and let’s accept Arjun again because this is such a big news for our family because Arjun is going to become a father. Saanjh says to Ayaan to stop all this and let’s eat sweet together. Ayaan says no. He says that still Arjun is in ego and that’s why he didn’t come here with this good news. Saanjh is coming here with this news instead of him.

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Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Episode:

Here Arjun is coming in Jhanvi’s room and says that you will become nani soon. Jhanvi is reacting on this. Maya says to Arjun to call Nurse here. Don’t know what happened to maa. Arjun calls a nurse there. She says that maybe Jhanvi got some big news and that’s why she is reacting like this. Don’t worry, she will be getting alright soon. Later Arjun comes to his office and starts to distribute sweets to all. All employees are giving congratulations to him for this. One of them is defaming Arjun and Maya’s relationship very badly. Arjun is getting angry. Maya hears their conversation and gets angry too. Arjun beats him in front of everyone. Maya comes there and stops Arjun from doing anything else. She calls security and orders them to throw him out from my office. He is going out from there. Maya is coming behind him and threatens him by saying that don’t you dare to see towards my Arjun.

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  1. Alina Muskan

    I love maya’s nature and arjun’s possessiveness and i hate vandana because she’s just stupid insulted maya
    Who is a mental patient she should b treated with care , love and respect…?

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