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The serial starts with the scene in which Maya is thinking about Arjun and all of sudden, she sees Arjun-Maya’s picture. She thinks that someone will burn in my anger. But let see who will be? Here Saanjh and Arjun are into their bedroom whereas Saanjh thinks that, they never sleep without to resolve an issue. Then why today? She calls Arjun but he is not giving any response. Arjun thinks that I know Saanjh you are in pain because of my anger but what can I do? I am not happy with your decision of bringing Maya at this home.

Here Jhanvi is getting scared very badly by thinking about Maya. She is recalling everything whatever she did with Maya and whatever Maya did with her. Suddenly, Maya is coming there with a slow foot. She is coming near to Jhanvi and then Jhanvi gets scared. She asks Maya what are you doing here? Maya says that I am coming to meet my mother.

Beyhadh 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Jhanvi says to Maya that why are you doing this? Maya says that I am coming here to return the happiness of this house. Jhanvi says all happiness is getting scared by seeing your face. Maya says that you were happy when I was in pain, you were happy when I was about to get die, you were happy when I was going to leave this world, and you were happy in everything whatever wrong happened to me. Jhanvi starts to cry very badly. Maya says her to love her in return because she needs a love. Jhanvi is not touching her. Maya says her f you don;t love me then please give your love to this baby. Jhanvi is still crying. Maya is putting her head in Jhanvi’s laps and asks her to love her now. Maya says I think one Maya is enough for you. You want this baby in a normal state. Jhanvi gets tensed.

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In the morning time, when all people are on the dining table whereas Saanjh is trying to serve food to Arjun but he denies. Later Saanjh asks Jhanvi, Is she fine? Jhanvi replies that yes I am fine. Suman says that a chudail is coming our home then how was she sleeping last night. Suddenly, Maya is coming there and says good morning to everyone. She sits there. Saanjh asks her what do you want? Maya says that I wish to eat daliya? Saanjh says ok, I will bring. She brings daliya for Maya. Then Maya asks her for the sugar. Suman says to Saanjh that you may sit here and let me give it to her.

Beyhadh 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Suman gives one container to Maya. Maya sprays it on her dailya and then eats. She gets a cough suddenly. Saanjh asks her what happened? Maya says this is salt, not sugar. Suman starts to taunt Maya by saying that I wish to give you a poison only. Maya gets angry and then go away from there. Saanjh is trying to stop her. But Maya says her that I don’t like to listen my own insult here. Later Jhanvi is going to meet Arjun and tells him everything about last night like how was Maya coming into her room and her motives are not good this time. She will ruin everything. Arjun says that I know very well about her motive. But how can I make Saanjh understand? Here Saanjh is coming to talk to Maya.

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