Beyhadh 15th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 15th March 2017  Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Arjun comes back to the home where he meets Maya in a very bad drunken state. He says sorry to Maya for getting late. Even though Maya is in anger because she saw everything whatever Arjun talked to Saanjh like he is feeling a burden of Maya and all. Due to which Maya is so upset. Arjun puts his head in Maya’s laps and says sorry. Even he makes a promise that he won’t do this again. Maya thinks that she will close every way for him.

Later Vandana and Ayaan are coming to meet Arjun at Maya’s home. Maya opens the door and gets Vandana outside. Maya says please come in because I am waiting for you. Vandana asks why are you waiting for us? Maya says that I know Arjun is your son and that’ s why you won’t live apart from him. Vandana is taking a step inside. Maya starts to make an excuses like Arjun is still angry from you.

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Beyhadh 15th March 2017 Written Update:

Vandana says that I am getting die if I won’t meet my son. Finally, I forgot my anger and ego. Maya says I understand maa but Arjun is so angry from your side and that’s why he won’t meet you. Vandana says I will never let this relation break. So you just call my son out. Maya says them o wait outside because if you will hear Arjun’s angry lines then you will get hurt. So it’s better to go outside till I will inform Arjun about you.

Vandana says to Ayaan that your bhabhi didn’t let us go inside. Ayaan says bhabhi didn’ do anything. All over Bhai is a defaulter. He is responsible for this dis-respect. Vandana says that I know if Arjun will come to know about this, he will run outside to meet us.  Later Maya is coming outside and says that Arjun is not ready to meet you. Even he is angry from your side. Ayaan gives a gift to Maya. She says thankyou to Ayaan. Vandana says to Maya to please let me go inside because I know my Arjun can’t do this.

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Beyhadh 15th March 2017 Written Episode:

Ayaan says to Vandana that I won’t let you go inside because I know he will defame you. Ayaan says to Vandana to go from here right now. Maya stops her and touches her feet. Vandana takes her feet back. Maya says that earlier your blessings were divided into two but now your blessings will divide into three. Vandana is giving her blessings to Maya. Finally, Vandana and Ayaan are coming outside. Maya throws their gift and shows like Arjun throws these gifts outside.

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