Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Vandana makes a call to Arjun and Maya that I am waiting for you at home because I want to welcomes you. Arjun aka Kushal Tondon and Maya aka Jeniffer Winget are coming to the home. But suddenly, a glass piece is going inside Maya’s feet when she removes her footwear for the ritual. She screams and comes inside to sit over Sofa. Arjun and Saanjh are getting tensed to see blood in Maya’s feet. Vandana comes there and shows Maya foot mark with blood on their floor indicates a danger in future. Maya gets angry.

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In the night time, Maya is coming in Vandana’s room where she is standing near to the Vandana. After some time, Vandana gets up and asks you, what are you doing here? Maya catches her neck and says that I am coming here to make you understand that you just control yourself and don’t say anything to me because nobody can separate Arjun from me, even Arjun can’t leave me easily. So it’s better for you to accept me as your daughter-in-law with love and care. But after some time, Vandana gets up and thinks that she was seeing just a dream.

Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Update:

She is rubbing her sweating and then takes water. But water is not left in the mug. She gets up and goes outside to bring water. But when she comes out from her room, she looks around. She is taking the glass and fulfill’s the mug. Even she drinks water too. But when turns around, she gets Maya behind her. She gets scared to see Maya there. Vandana screams. Maya sits down in her foots and then looks up towards Vandana.

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Beyhadh 16th February 2017 Written Episode:

Maya catches her feets and says that I know you don’t like me. Even I am not that type of daughter-in-law which you want. But please give me one chance because I want to become your daughter and I am not coming here to snatch your son. If I am doing any mistake then you have a right to scold me. Maya is making a request to Vandana to accept her once, she is asking for one chance from Vandana. But Vandana takes her hand back. Maya says that ok you take your time but please give me one chance.  Vandana is about to giving a blessing to her. But she recalled Ashwin’s words again and again.

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  1. Riya

    First Ashwin then Saanjh & now vandana are in competition for hurting Maya.
    Arjun please save Maya from your step mother.
    Maya has broken save her.

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