Beyhadh 17th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 17th November 2016 Written Update, Behad Written Episode on

The Sony TV recently released out most famous show of the year is Beyhadh in which the Maya is sitting in her cabin where Arjun is coming there with a photograph. He shows that photo to Maya. She gets so happy to see her photo which is different from any other photos. She asks when you clicked this picture. Arjun says when you were in another mood, I mead happy mood. That time, I took your photo.

Maya smiles and says thankyou to Arjun. She is returning that photo to Arjun. He says that I will see where I want. Maya says ok you may post it where you want Arjun removes the wall clock and hangs that photo at the clock’s place. He asks where is my gift. Maya says I will increase you bonus. He says I want a gift in return of gift. Maya brings a good food for him.

Beyhadh 17th November 2016 Written Update:

Here Saanjh is talking to her father about Arjun. She says to him that I trust Arjun a lot and he never hurt me. Saanjh’s father says that you have to concentrate in your work. So that don’t you dare to talk to him. Suddenly, she gets Arjun’s call. He offers her to come for the shopping because he got his salary today. Saanjh is getting happy and go to meet Arjun there

Maya and Jhanvi are planning to go to the boutique. After some time, they come out from the home and finally go to the boutique. Therefore, Ashwin is also coming there. He will ask Maya that she will shop for him or not? Maya gets scared to see him there. He is trying to increase her fear.

So that’s why he is saying again and again that Maya is so strong girl. Maya is so daring girl. Is it? Maya is getting angry and says to him that I know very well what you want to do. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight. Stay in touch with us. Keep visiting here for more updates of Beyhadh.

Beyhadh 17th November 2016 Written:

Here Saanjh says to Arjun that we have to buy a saree for aunty, bag for you, t-shirt for your brother and so many other things. Arjun says that you don’t worry, we will purchase everything. She says firstly we are going to purchase a saree for aunty. Arjun says ok you may go. She forces him to come with her. Arjun and Sanjh are going to the same boutique where Maya and her mother are already present. She hears Arjun’s voice and gets shocked to see him with Saanjh. She feels so bad and gets angry too.

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