Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Arjun applies Haldi to Maya aka Jennifer Winget. They both are looking very happy. Maya asks Arjun how long he will hold her hand. He says until he is alive, he will hold her hand. Maya asks Arjun to take the fourth oath and then takes the fourth step towards their marriage life. Arjun looks on and starts to romance Maya there in the haldi function.

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After to drop Saanjh there. Her parents are going back to the home and they are talking to each other about Saanjh. Her father says that Saanjh won’t forget him. Even she won’t see tear in Arjun’s eyes. She will be getting stuck in between her happy life and Arjun because she never forget him. All people are getting tensed to think about Saanjh.

Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Update:

Ashwin tells Saanjh that Maya is unfit for Arjun and she is doing all this to get Arjun in her life. Ashwin added that he will bring his Arjun back into her life. Keep watching this show, it would be great and interesting too. Let see what will happen next? Read more-> Beyhadh 3rd February 2017 written update

Beyhadh 1st February 2017 Written Episode:

So that she decides to take revenge from Saanjh at any cost. She makes her prime objective to get Arjun forever and stay away Saanjh from Arjun’s life because is she is staying near to Arjun then she will never go close to him. But she won’t share Arjun with anyone. She is getting tensed every time about this matter.

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  1. chhingpuii hauhnar

    Please be gentle with Dev. His mother destroyed him and now Sona is also trying to do just that. He looks so handsome and it is clear from his look that he is still very much in love with Sonakshi. In the meantime I also admire Sona for being brave and hardworking and also for looking adorable. Let both of them change their dress everyday eh?

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