Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which the Vandana says to Maya that you are responsible for everything. Even my son is in pain only because of you. He is getting suspect in a murder case only because of you. At last Vandana slaps Maya in the temple. Maya gets angry and then takes a slave in her hand. Vandana is getting shocked very badly. Even she gets scared too.

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Vandana is getting shattered to see Maya in front of her with a slave. Here Jhanvi is writing something on the paper. Actually, she is writing a letter to Ashwin as told by Arjun’s friend that Jhanvi will write a letter on Ashwin’s name and thne throws it into the water by accepting her mistake. Then, everything will be getting alright. So that’s why Jhanvi writes a letter finally. She stands in front of Ashwin’s photo and then says that I am sorry please forgive me Ashwin.

Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Update:

Here Maya is coming very near to Vandana and handovers that slave in her hand. Vandana is not looking at her side. Maya says to Vandana that if you think I am a big problem then you have to kill me right now. But please don’t snatch Arjun from me because I love him a lot and I can’t live without him. So if you can accept me or you will kill me right now. Vandana shouts and says that you have to continue your drama. Even I know my son and you are playing a game with my Arjun. Even you always says that you never lose a game. So that’s why you have to do anything to get Arjun in your life.

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At last, Vandana is raising her finger towards Maya and says that I will always protect my son at any cost. Even I will never hand over my son into your hands completely because I know you are mad in his love. So that’s why you can do anything anytime. Maya looks on. Saanjh is trying to control Vandana but she is getting out of control.

Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Episode:

Vandana is going from there. Maya is crying a lot and then she hugs Saanjh very tightly. Maya cries a lot and says that she will never accept me. She never accepts me as her daughter-in-law. Saanjh says that you please don’t think wrong about her. She is seeing every matter from her motherhood side. So you please try to understand. Here Arjun is talking to his friend who was doing a drama of pandit ji. Jhanvi sees everything like how Arjun was doing in front of her. She gets shocked. Here Police Inspector makes a call to Maya and says that I come to know about the real killer. So that we will meet soon. Saanjh asks what happened? Maya tells her everything. Just after this, Maya gets her mother’s call. She calls Maya in the old magazine go down and I will finish everything today. Today, I will show your the real killer. Maya gets shocked.

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