Beyhadh 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Jhanvi is coming near to Ashwin’s photo and then hugs his photo by saying that I didn’t say anything to anyone about you that you came back finally. She added that I know I hurt you but now I am with you Ashwin. Even you came back into my life. So that I won’t let you go anywhere now. She laugh sand hugs his photo tightly. After some time, she says that I love you so much Ashwin and now I will help you in your all plans.

Here Arjun and Maya are coming back to the home where Saanjh and Ayan welcome them. Arjun asks Are you alright? Saanjh says yes actually we planned a surprise party for you guys because we want to refresh your mood. Arjun and Maya are getting so happy. Saanjh calls Arjun as sada hua karela. Maya shouts and says that he is not Karela. Saanjh looks on. Maya says he is sada hua karela. Everybody laughs and sits there on the sofa.

Beyhadh 20th February 2017 Written Update:

Ayaan calls Maya as bhabhi and says that you both are looking cool but bhabhi is also looking cool with me. Arjun says thank you to Saanjh and Ayaan for all the arrangements. Saanjh says that you are saying me thank you. It’s great that you told me thank you. Ayaan says that if they will see our further arrangements then you will be feeling good. Saanjh and Ayaan are bringing a cake for them. Maya cuts the cake and then makes everybody eat with each other.

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Maya says than kyou to Saanjh and Ayaan for all these good arrangements. Maya asks them about Vandana. Saanjh replies that Vandana is going for a kitty party with Suman. So you just chill because we are also celebrating the same thing. Maya says ok. Saanjh says that we are having one more surprise and that is your honeymoon tickets. Maya says now actually Vandana aunty don’t accept me as their daughter-in-law. Then how? Arjun says that Jhanvi aunty is also not ok. So who don’t go any where.

Beyhadh 20th February 2017 Written Episode:

Saanjh and Ayaan are saying to Maya that you don’t worry for anyone because we will look after Jhanvi and Vandana both. So you guys just chill and do your packing start as soon as possible. Saanjh says that we bought an economy class ticket because we don’t have much money to spend. Maya says it’s ok Saanjh, this is so valuable gift for me. She smiles and goes inside. Arjun and Maya are romancing each other during to pack their bags. Vandana is coming back to the home where she comes to know that Arjun is going to honeymoon. Ayaan and Saanjh are trying to make her understand relax. But Vandana is not ready to accept this. She says that if I will go against Arjun for his goodness then I will go. Arjun and Maya are coming outside with their bags. But Vandana is coming in front of them. Maya gets scared.

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