Beyhadh 20th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 20th March 2017  Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Saanjh is going to talk to Maya. She confronts Maya by saying that you have separated Arjun from his family and even me. It’s really disgusting. But now I will expose you in front of all people. Suddenly, Maya falls down from the stairs purposely. She shouts Arjun again and again. Saanjh gets shocked. Arjun is coming near to her and lifts her in his arms. He is running towards the car. In between, Maya shouts and says to Arjun that what about my baby? Maybe he is no more. Arjun shouts in the pain. Saanjh is coming there and says sorry to Maya. Even she says to Maya that I didn’t throw you. Please look at me. Arjun gets up and slaps Saanjh very badly. He is looking towards Saanjh very angrily.

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Beyhadh 20th March 2016 Written Update:

Saanjh says to Arjun that I didn’t do anything. Even we were just talking to each other and I didn’t have any intention to throw Maya aka Jeniffer Winget from the stairs. So just relax. Arjun says that I lost my baby just because of you and you are responsible for his bad condition of my Maya aka Jeniffer Winget. Saanjh says I never think wrong of you and even for Maya. Arjun says that I just saw you with Maya and I blamed you for this. Saanjh is getting shocked.

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Beyhadh 20th March 2017 Written Episode:

Arjun takes Saanjh’s hand and leaves her outside the gate. Saanjh is trying hard to make him understand about this situation. But Arjun is not ready to understand anything. He leaves Saanjh outside. Here Maya thinks that she left his all wrong works but now everyone is taking an advantage of her. Even though, all people are doing wrong with him. Maya asks god why have you snatched my happiness to me? Why? Maya cries. Arjun comes there and says to Maya that don’t you cry for this because god snatched everything from me like my father, mother, brother, and friend. But now he snatched my baby also. I don’t want any relationship with the god. Maya takes Ganesha’s idol and puts it outside the home.

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