Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Arjun and Maya are going for their honeymoon then Vandana is coming in between them and stops them. Maya is trying to make Vandana relax and happy by saying that you don’t worry, I will take care of Arjun all the time. Even he is my responsibility. So that’s why I and Arjun will stay safe there. Suddenly, Police Inspector is coming there and says to Arjun that you have to come with us because we want to ask some questions to you. There you will be completely safe and protected. Maya gets shocked.

Dusky is coming there and says to Police Inspector that I want to see post-mortem report once. She can read out the report. Police Inspector says that Ashwin was not getting die with Natural death even he was getting die with the heart attack. So that’s why you all three are Prime Suspect. So that’s why you have to come to the police station because we want to interrogate you people. Maya says to Saanjh to call Mr. Malkaani now.

Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Update:

Police Inspector says that your mother is waiting for you in the police station with Mr. Malkaani. Maya gets shocked by hearing about her mother. Maya says sorry to Arjun for all of this and blames herself for such type of circumstances. Arjun says her that we spend time together in the air, in the water, and now in the police station too. Vandana is coming there and makes a request to Police Inspector that my son didn’t do anything. Maya says that if you will do anything wrong with my Arjun then I will teach you a good lesson.

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Inspector says that when any person is in love then he/she can do anything. Maya looks on and she says to the police inspector that you are right when a person is in love then I can do anything with you. Either we kill someone or leave someone. Vandana gets scared to hear these lines of Maya. Police Inspector brings Arjun in the station. Maya is also going with him. Vandana says to Ayaan that I want my son back, I don’t care whatever Police will do with Maya. Ayaan scolds her by saying that you stop saying all this against Bhabhi because she is also a member of our family.

Beyhadh 21st February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Saanjh, Maya, Arjun, and Ayaan are coming to the Police Station where Maya says that earlier I was just Maya Malhotra so that I didn’t get scared from anyone but now I am Maya Arjun Sharma and I have so many to sacrifice. But I won’t do any sacrifice this time. So you just be careful by thinking that I won’t leave you if you will play with my family. Here Police is investigating from Arjun, Maya, and Jhanvi. They are asking a number of questions from them back to back. Jhanvi says I love Ashwin. Arjun and Maya are saying that we hate Ashwin. After a full day, Police Inspector brings them out. Saanjh says that how much time you have taken. Inspector says that I forgot to wear a watch and that’s why I took so much time.

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