Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when all people are coming out from the Police Station. Arjun and Maya are coming to drop Jhanvi at her home. Jhanvi says Ashwin was passing through a lot of pain that time. Maya says that Ashwin was a very bad man and he didn’t feel any pain during to get the heart attack. Maya gives medicine to her mother and says her to take rest. But Jhanvi catches Maya’s hand and says that I just want to say something. Maya looks back and ask tell me?

Jhanvi looks towards Arjun and then changes her line. Maya asks what maa? Jhanvi says I love you, Maya. Maya replies that I love you too. Jhanvi is looking like she is having Ashwin’s spirit in her body. Jhanvi’s eyes are looking so scary as Ashwin is inside her. Arjun and Maya are coming outside. Maya says I think, I have to stay here for the sometime with maa.

Arjun says I married you and not to catch you in chains. Maya says ok. Arjun gets Alia’s call and gets to know, some clients are going tomorrow. Maya says him to go now and do you work. Arjun takes her kiss and goes from there. Maya smiles and looks towards Ashwin’s photo. She says that I don’t want to let you snatch my happiness now.  Here Vandana says to Saanjh that Maya is not a good girl.

Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Saanjh says to her that you have to accept her because she is Arjun’s wife and a daughter-in-law of this house. So you have to accept. She only wants your love and care. Even she didn’t leave this house with Arjun because she don’t want to separate you and Arjun. Saanjh says I don’t know who opened this case again. Vandana says that I called Police Inspector at home for doing an investigation because I just want to find out real culprit. Saanjh gets shocked.

Vandana is saying to Saanjh that Arjun is getting stuck in the story of Vandana and Maya. I just want to save my son from their trap. Saanjh makes her keep quiet and says that we don’t have any information aunty. So we just wait and watch till the real culprit won’t get arrested. Vandana shouts and says that I know who killed Ashwin and that is only Maya aka Jeniffer Winget. She is the killer. Suddenly, Maya is coming there.

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Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Saanjh says to Maya that maa is not having that meaning. Maya says that I know what maa wants to say? I am feeling maa’s tension in all these words and nothing else. Even I respect that person who takes care of my Arjun a lot. Maya goes inside. Saanjh says to Vandana that Maya is taking your words positively and after that, you are behaving with her.  Vandana says that she is doing just drama and nothing else. Nobody gets change suddenly. Saanjh asks Vandana that how you get changed maa? Vandana gets shocked. Here Jhanvi is seeing a bad dream of Ashwin and when she gets up, she is laying in the hall room. She thinks how she came here? She stands up and then feels someone’s presence there. Suddenly, she hears Ashwin’s sound like he is calling her. She gets scared very badly and then runs inside her room. She closed her room and then looks straight.

Here Maya is talking to herself and says that I thought I feel good after Ashwin’s death. But now everything is getting opposite. Everyone is treating me badly and this hurt me. Saanjh comes there and says her that you have to become strong. Saanjh added that I know you will win Vandana aunty’s heart very soon. Maya is getting emotional and she hugs Saanjh. Both are sharing some emotional time with each other. Here Arjun and Ayaan are talking to each other about Ashwin’s death that Maya was inside the room and you are outside there. But Jhanvi was missing that time.

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