Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Arjun is coming back to the home where he meets Maya and hugs her. Arjun says that I am unable to give you happiness after our marriage. Even all people are getting tensed this time. So that your life is also getting fulfilled of tensions. Sometimes, I feel this marriage is such a big disaster for you. Maya says him that you are not getting fail in making me happy. Your company makes me happy always. Maya starts to kiss him on his head, his nose, his lips, and hugs him tightly.

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Suddenly, they are falling down on the bed. Maya is laying down with him. Both are looking at each other very romantically. Later Arjun is sitting in a mid-night aside of Maya aka Jennifer Winget. He is recalling all the moments in which Ashwin was getting die. But later Arjun thinks that if he will share this with Maya. So maybe she will be getting hurt.

Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Update:

In the next day morning, Maya is working near to dining table where Arjun is doing a romance with her. Maya says Ayaan is sitting here, please stop it. Arjun is romancing her continuously. Beside them, Vandana is also working. She gets angry to see Arjun and Maya’s romance. Ayaan says them you guys are already having your own room then why are you showing your romantic picture to all people.

Maya and Arjun are looking behind and gets Vandana there. They are feeling shy. Vandana is coming there and scolds Ayaan by saying that you are sitting here always, not doing any work. I am going to the market and brings some items from there. Ayaan says that one side Maya bhabhi is trying to make her place in Vandana’s heart but maa is not giving a place to bhabhi in her washing machine. Vandana says to Ayaan to wash all clothes. Maya feels bad and then she comes inside her room. Arjun thinks to make Maya’s mood good.

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He is going inside the bathroom and starts to wash Maya’s clothes. She smiles to see Arjun by doing this. They both are washing the clothes and doing some romance too. After that, they are going on the terrace to put clothes in the sun. Arjun says I am feeling so good. So shall we wash clothes again? Maya laughs and says that we will eat food first. Then I will go to meet maa because her behavior was getting changed after the police station.

Arjun is looking very tensed and upset. Maya asks him what happened? He replies nothing. Maya says that you have to tell me anything because I am your wife and I will definitely understand you. Arjun says if I will say anything then you will feel bad. Maya says no, you please tell me what happened? Arjun says I know Jhanvi aunty killed Ashwin. Maya looks on.

Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Episode:

Maya gets shocked and asks what happened? What are you saying this? Arjun says that you were inside the room and I was outside the room. We were talking to each other. But Jhanvi aunty was not present there. Maya says that maa never kill anyone. She is very soft hearted and that’s why she can’t do anything. Even she loved Ashwin a lot. Arjun says that sometimes love forced us to do anything. Suddenly, Maya is getting a call from the Police Station and comes to know that Police arrest Jhanvi in Ashwin’s case.

Maya and Arjun are coming there. Jhanvi hugs Maya and then says that I want to go home. Maya says yes maa we will go back to the home soon. Police Inspector says to Maya don’t you make fake promises. Maya looks on. Saanjh asks him that are you having any proof this time or not because last time you didn’t have any proof. Inspector gets up and asks Jhanvi where is your gun? Jhanvi gets scared. Maya asks what is the connection of her gun with Ashwin’s death because he got died because of heart attack.

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  1. Sidd

    Finally Maya’s mom was the culprit.??.Lol..Nice acting by inspector.. wity? mind ..Now Maya will save her mom or she will be arrested.,?.Lol everybody was thinking Maya is the culprit.. that’s how there in Indian serials.,???

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