Beyhadh 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 23rd March 2017  Written Update, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Maya says to Arjun that I mad special aloo paratha’s for you. If you need something else or you want to eat something else. Then tell me, I will give you. Arjun replies I want two spoons poison. Maya asks what will I send in the lunch? Arjun says you will send me the divorce papers only. Maya look on. Maya is coming near to the Arjun. Arjun catches her hand so tightly. Maya is getting a mark on her hand. Arjun goes to his office.

After some time, Jhanvi is coming outside by sitting on her wheel-chair. Maya sits with her and shows that mark to Jhanvi by saying that Arjun gave this mark to me. This is so sweet. Maya kiss the mark spot on her own hand and then closes her eyes. Jhanvi is getting shocked to see this madness of Maya. She is looking at Maya but Maya is completely busy in her own thoughts.

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Beyhadh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode:

Here Saanjh is going to the jeweler show just to order something. She is busy in her own shopping. Suddenly, she hears Maya’s name. Saanjh is getting shocked and then looks behind whereas Maya is ordering her new mangalsutra on which she wants her name with Arjun on her mangalsutra chain. Saanjh is looking continuously there. But someone calls Saanjh there. Maya looks on and gets Saanjh there.

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Beyhadh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode:

Maya is going from there. Saanjh stops her and says hi to her. Maya stops and replies Saanjh that what are you doing here? When were you coming back from an abroad? Saanjh says that I was missing Ayaan, Vandana, Suman, and all other people. So that’s why I am coming here to meet them. Even Ayaan will be getting engage soon. So please you people will come in the function. Maya says that you don’t worry, I will come there but I don’t take Arjun’s guarantee. Saanjh feels bad.

Suddenly,  a broken mangalsutra chain is falling down from Maya’s hand. Saanjh takes that chain and handovers to Maya. She sees a mark on Maya’s hand. Saanjh asks Maya that everything is alright or not? Maya smiles and says that as you know Arjun. So he was getting uncontrol last night. Saanjh feels bad. She changes the topic and then wishes her a very happy anniversary. Maya smiles and then goes from there.

In the night time, Arjun is coming to the home where he is looking so much irritated. He is going inside the home and says that a lady spirit is staying in this house and she catches me everywhere. Suddenly, Maya comes there with a cake and wishes him a very happy anniversary. Arjun asks which anniversary? Don’t you know that we are not happy here. Maya is trying to hug him. But Arjun keeps her aside and goes away from there.

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