Beyhadh 23rd November 2016 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 23rd November 2016 Written Update, Behad Written Episode on

The Sony TV recently released out most famous show of the year is Beyhadh in which the Maya is thinking about Saanjh and her words which she has been used during to describe her friendship with Arjun especially from the childhood days. She fumes very badly and then thinks how will she break this childhood friendship and how will she make her own place in Arjun’s heart.

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But when she remembers that how Arjun confront her only for Saanjh. All these things make Maya so restless and uneasy. Let see what will be the next story of the show. Will Maya get Arjun in her life? Will Arjun accept Saanjh as his life partner? Will Arjun and Maya come together? Keep visiting here for more updates and news of Beyhadh. Click here for Beyhadh 22nd November 2016 written update

Beyhadh 23rd November 2016 Written Update:

As we know, Maya never accepted “no” from anyone in the answer. So that she gets angry a lot after to hear no from the Arjun aka Kushal Tondon. As she loved Arjun a lot and that’s why she is only trying to snatch Arjun from the Saanjh. Every time, she is getting fume to think about Saanjh. Her main motive is to bring a distance amid Saanjh and Arjun.

Beyhadh 23rd November 2016 Written Update:

She makes a plan to kill Saanjh and keeps her away from Arjun’s life. She will eradicate Saanjh from Arjun’s life. She is going to her home and she opens the gas and sits on the slab without lighting it. After some time, Maya’s mother is coming there and gets shocked to see this psychopathy behavior of Maya in the home. Due to this, she gets hurt and due to which she will be getting hurt too.

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