Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Inspector takes Jhanvi inside. Maya, Saanjh, and Arjun are sitting outside. An Inspector says to Maya that you don’t worry, we will ask some questions to her and nothing else. Her Vandana is making a call to Arjun but he is not picking her call. She is looking worried. Ayaan says that he won’t pick your call because you are creating a distance from bhabhi. Indirectly, you are increasing your distance from your Arjun. Vandana is getting tensed and then she shouts on him very badly.

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Here Arjun is saying to Saanjh that I don’t know what is going on? But Jhanvi Aunty’s health is not ok. So you just bring her out and then takes permission to go home. They will call aunty tomorrow, no problem. Saanjh says that everything is going on according to the laws, I can’t do anything. Inspector is making Arjun’s prank there. Maya gets angry and then slaps him. But then she says sorry to him.

Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Update:

Maya is folding her hands and says to the Inspector to please leave my mother. Please don’t do this. Saanjh says to Maya that you don’t say anything to anyone because he doesn’t keep Jhaniv aunty here because it’s more than 6 pm and this is not the time to arrest anyone. Inspector says that yes you will take Jhanvi away and I will come tomorrow at 6 am to arrest her.

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Saanjh, Jhanvi, Maya, and Arjun are going away from the Police Station. After coming out, Maya is asking her mother that why didn’t you tell me that you went Ashwin’s home on my marriage day. Jhanvi is looking scared. Here Arjun is saying to Vandana that why are you calling me again and again. I am not coming here to do party. Then, why are you behaving like this. Later he replies that Police didn’t arrest me.

Here Maya is sitting with Jhanvi in a car. Jhanvi feels Ashwin’s presence. She is looking so scared. Maya is trying to make her relax and asks what happened? Jhanvi says that Ashwin is here. He is coming back. Maya says maa Ashwin is dead. He is not here. Jhanvi says that you have to call him papa, not Ashwin. He feels bad to hear this from you. Maya asks what are you saying maa? Jhanvi says don’t look behind because Ashwin is there. Maya looks behind and nobody was there. She says to Jhanvi that here is nobody maa.

Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Episode:

Jhanvi says let me tell you, what I want to say to you. Maya asks what happened to you ma. Jhanvi opens the window and throws her out from the car. Arjun and Saanjh are running towards her. They are asking to Maya what happened? Maya says I don’t know what happened to maa. Here Jhanvi is feeling like Ashwin is sitting with her. She says I am sorry Ashwin, please forgive me. She meets with an accident. She gets injured and then says sorry to him again. Here Saanjh says them to go home behind Jhanvi aunty and I will look after the arrest warrants. After some time, when Arjun and Maya are coming to Maya’s home. They are finding Jhanvi stand on the terrace and she jumps down from there. Maya and Arjun are getting shattered to see this. But Maya and Arjun are catching her hand. They are bringing her upside and saves her life. Jhanvi says please let me go because I want to go near to Ashwin. Maya hugs her and asks, what were you doing? Jhanvi goes inside and looks at Ashwin’s photo. Later she shouts on Maya and Arjun that, why were you coming here? She says to Arjun to take away Maya from here right now.

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