Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Maya and Arjun are in the office where Maya and Arjun are talking to each other about their marriage. Maya says to Arjun that you got 100% marks in your exam. But this marriage is not a game for me. This is such a big event of my life. Even this marriage, mehendi, haldi, and all things are very much important for me. I want to enjoy them.

Maya is coming back to her home. After some time, she calls her mother but she doesn’t get her. She doesn’t get Jhanvi in the home. She gets panic to see Jhanvi missing from the home. She is calling Arjun again and again. But his number is getting unanswered. So that, she makes a call to Vandana and asks her about Arjun. She replies that Arjun is going for the shooting early morning.

Maya is going there and scolds Arjun for not taking her call. She says him that Ashwin does something wrong with her mother. Here Saanjh asks about Jhanvi in an office. Peon says that Jhanvi madam is in the conference room. After some time, when Jhanvi is coming outside. She says to Saanjh that she had a meeting with Lawyer because she want her 49% share in this company. Ashwin hears her and smirks from behind.

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Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Update:

Read more-> Beyhadh 25th January 2017 written update. But when Maya comes to know this. She gets shocked. Jhanvi asks her, don’t you forget my share Maya. Maya replies that you make me remember now. Jhanvi says that I am doing all this only for you Maya because we want to see you happy with Arjun. Even we want to see you and Arjun to spend some time together because the time after marriage will be so much beautiful and we wnat you to enjoy this time.

Maya asks who will handle this company in my absence. Jhanvi replies I will handle this company, I mean I will learn about company. Maya asks who wil teach you? Jhanvi says that Ashwin is the best one who wil teach me. Maya says ok I am ready to give resignation from my post now. Maya calls all staff in her cabin and then give she resignation to Jhanvi by saying that I am leaving this company right now and will take rest.

But I will give my 51% shares to Arjun right now and he will handle this company. Arjun gets shocked and asks what happened? Maya says that you are my wouldbe husband and my everything is only yours from now onwards. All staff gets shocked very badly including Saanjh. Ashwin says to all that fix my meeting with all clients and staff members tomorrow.

In between, Maya says that let me complete my work and then you will run your decisions here. As you all know, Arjun is an owner of 51% then everyone will hear Arjun’s decision from now onwards. After this, Maya says to Jhanvi that I wnat you to celebrate your time with Mr. Ashwin because it’s your time to take some rest without tension. So you may go from here and enjoy your time. So that Maya says to Jhanvi to give her all property on Arjun’s name right now.

Maya says to Jhanvi that if you really love me or you care for me then you please do your signatures on these papers. Arjun says that I don’t need all this because I love you not your property. Ashwin is trying to change the matter. But Maya says that if you won’t do signatures on these papers then I understand that Ashwin was coming into your life just to snatch my company.

Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Episode:

Jhanvi gets emotional and says that if you compare our love with this property then it’s a high time to prove that, we love you a lot more then this business. Jhanvi do her signatures on the papers and handovers to Maya. Maya gets so happy and looks towards Ashwin very badly. She smiles and congratulate Arjun for becoming a Managing Director of this company.

Here Vandana is getting busy in the marriage preparations of Arjun. Saanjh mother is coming there and then asks her what why ar you doing this? Are you counted us as strangers? Vandana says no, even I thought if I called you here thne Saanjh gets hurt. Here Arjun says to Maya that people think wrong about me, like I love you only for money. But it’s not true. Maya says that Ashwin is trying hard to snatch this property from me and maa. But now everything is safe in your hands.

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