Beyhadh 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bey had h 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when Maya reach to the house of Arjun and then Arjun’s mom open the door and gets Maya there. She gets shocked very badly. Maya smiles and asks can I come in here? She asks where is Arjun? Arjun’s mom says her to come inside and sits please.  Maya is taking a step inside but she raises her left foot.

Suddenly, he takes her foot behind and puts her right foot inside. Arjun’s mom not it down. Maya says that when a fame and name is coming in the home then milk is boiled up and coming out from the container. Ayaan says to his mother to check out the milk. She runs and checks out.

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Ayaan is falling down on the TV remote and then tv starts. Arjun is coming outside by scolding everyone by saying that what is going on here? I am sleeping and you are doing here ting tong and all. But after some time, when he opens his eyes completely. He gets shocked to see Maya there.

He asks why are you coming here? Is aunty alright or not? Maya says she is alright but I am coming here to say you thankyou. Arjun’s mother offers a breakfast to Maya. Arjun says maybe she can’t. Maya says I don’t mind if you are ok with it. Arjun’s mother is saying that ok let me serve a food to you.

Beyhadh 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Saanjh is coming there and shouts in an excitement. Maya gets shocked to see her. Saanjh is serving a vada paav to Arjun aka Kushal Tondon. Vandana is also present there and she feels good to see Saanjh and Arjun together. She says that Saanjh can bring Arjun’s favorite vada paav for Arjun once in a week. Saanjh says that Arjun likes green chili also.

Maya says that it’s good that Arjun is having a good friend just like Saanjh. Arjun’s mother is saying that Saanjh is not Arjun’s friend, she is a part of this house. She is a part of Arjun’s life too. Without her, Arjun is incomplete. Maya says nobody is incomplete only an environment makes them incomplete.

Maya is also present there. She takes so many chili’s and eats them. After this Maya gets shocked to see her condition in Arjun’s love. She says to Arjun that you have to stay with your family for more 2 days. After that, you will be completely mine. Arjun and all people are getting shocked very badly. Maya is going from there.

Beyhad h 2nd December 2016 Written Update:

Saanjh says to Arjun that I am feeling so bad by hearing Maya’s words. Arjun asks why? Saanjh says that maybe she loves you. So that, she is doing so? Arjun says what? Are you getting mad and that’s why you are saying this? Saanjh says that I am saying right. Here Maya is reaching to an office where she is thinking a lot about Arjun’s mom words.

She says to the receptionist that you have to call Arjun and gets all the pictures as fast as possible because I need all the photographs now. Here Arjun, Saanjh, and Ayaan are making a plan to go to Lonavala for some outing. Here receptionist makes  a call to Arjun and tells him everything. After to hear everything, Arjun is coming in an office.

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