Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when all the staff is coming back to the main island where Maya is waiting for everyone especially for Arjun. She asks them about Arjun. They are looking scared. Maya asks what happened? Where is Arjun? They will reply that Arjun is on the Island. Maya will ask why you people left him there? They will reply that Arjun forcefully sends them and that’s why they are coming back. Here Arjun is getting shocked to see that Water is coming from both sides and tides are getting high. He will be getting scared and shouts for the help. He will raise a flag for the help. Here Maya will be coming there to save him. She will be looking so tensed for Arjun. Let see whether she will save Arjun or not? Click here-> Beyhadh 30th December 2016 written update

Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode:

Here Saanjh is getting upset and thinks about Arjun only. She is crying a lot. Suddenly, Saanjh’s father is coming there and says her that I know you are missing Arjun very badly. He gives one gold bangle to her and says that now you have to go to meet Arjun in Mauritius and makes him wear this bangle. If he will wear this and accept your love then your life will be getting full of happiness and love. He says that I am giving you the last chance now to confess your love to Arjun and if he won’t accept your love then you will come back here. After that, I will take all decisions of your life. Saanjh says ok to her father and says thank you to him. Saanjh hugs him and says that She is keeping her promise forever.

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Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Arjun hugs Maya suddenly very tightly. Arjun asks her that if I was getting die today then what will happen? Maya says that you are my jaan and if you will be getting die today then I will also die. Arjun is getting emotional and thinks that Maya loves him a lot. So that he also give something to her in reply. He decides to give his precious thing to Maya because she loves him a lot. He recalled that moment when Maya confessed her loves to him. Arjun is looking a her and he is about to kiss her. He is so close to her.

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