Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 3rd Apil 2017  Written Update, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which Saanjh is coming to meet Arjun in his office with a gift. She gives that gift to Arjun and then about to hug him. But Arjun sends her outside from his cabin. Saanjh is crying a lot. She is recalling all the moments which she spend with Arjun. Inside the cabin, Arjun is feeling so bad by doing this type of bad behavior with Saanjh. He thinks that if Maya will see her then it would be getting bad with Saanjh. Arjun thinks that Maya will do wrong with Saanjh more as compare to me.

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Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Suddenly, Maya is coming in Arjun’s cabin. She says that I am going back to the home because I am having a little headache. Arjun thinks if Maya is going outside then she will see Saanjh there. He makes her sit on the chair and then starts to buttering her. Maya says wow, you are getting romantic in an office. If I know about this nature of yours then I came to office earlier. Arjun starts to kiss her on her head. Maya is getting so happy. After some time, Arjun is getting rude and then says her to go home now to take rest.

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Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update:

.Here Saanjh is coming outside and cries a lot. She hugs Samay and says that my Arjun is not getting changed. He is in a big problem. Samay says that you don’t worry. Everything will be getting fine soon. Saanjh is crying a lot and goes back to the home. Here Arjun says to Maya that you go to the home and take medicine. Maya asks what happened? Arjun says that I don’t have time for you. Later Samay meets Maya and says her that I am back. Even I just want you to recall all the moments of our past. Maya looks on and then leaves a fish bowl in a shock. Samay hugs her and says that we have the same attraction before 8 years. Maya thinks about Arjun. She handover Samay to the Police and they takes Samay on remand. He shouts and says that I love you Maya. I don’t live without you.

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