Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Maya says to Arjun to come on the shooting spot on time. Arjun replies that I will reach there on an exact time. Arjun, Saanjh, and their siblings are shifting their luggages in the hotel whereas Saanjh is getting too much excited to enjoy this trip with Arjun. Actually, she started to feel that she is in love with Arjun. Here Maya is planning how to propose Arjun?

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Actually, she started to feel that she is in love with Arjun. Here Maya is planning how to propose Arjun? Arjun says her to come down if this balloon will get bursts out then what will happen with us. Maya says that when I take any step then I will never take it back. Arjun says if you want to fire me then please say me clearly. Here Ashwin is asking to Jhanvi that where is your daughter?

She is going alone outside by leaving you here? What happened? I saw her to go out without a driver. Maybe she is falling in love with someone. Here Maya is coming near to Arjun. He asks I am a single brother of my brother if something wrong will happen to me then? What si your plan? She replies that I want to steal you from you.

Next day in the morning when Arjun is going for the shooting. Saanjh is in the hotel. Suddenly, someone is coming there with a knife and stabs her. Here Maya and Arjun are in a flying balloon where she takes out the ring and proposes Arjun by saying that ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Arjun gets shocked. Click here-> Beyhadh 5th December 2016 written update

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Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

 Arjun gets shocked to hear these three magical words. She says again I love you Arjun. Will you be mine? He is getting shattered very badly. Here Ayaan and Saanjh’s brother are using a new camera and then sees Arjun and Maya together in a hot balloon. Ayaan says that why my brother is flying in the sky?

Here Maya says to Arjun to please accept her proposal. He says that I won’t accept it because you are my boss and that’s why I am not thinking about this. Maya says so what? You just change the relationship and makes me as your life partner instead of boss. He says that If I won’t change this relationship then what happened? Maya asks really, you want to know about this.

Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Maya is getting angry after to hear Arjun’s statement. She stops the hot balloon flame and then the balloon is going down with a very fast speed. Arjun says that I am just kidding. Maya starts to flame again. She says that if my love carries you upper side then it may fall you down too. She smiles and about to make him to wear a ring. Suddenly, the flame stopped automatically and they are about to fall down. Arjun catches Maya just to save her from falling down. They are shouting a lot. They are coming close to each other. Here Saanjh comes to know about the reality that Maya proposed him with a ring which makes Saanjh shattered very badly.

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