Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 6th March 2017  Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start with the scene in which the police Inspector says that Maya didn’t kill Ashwin because Jhanvi got die after to write a letter. Due to this letter, she killed Ashwin Malhotra and before some time, she tried to do a suicide again which is not good. Maya, Arjun, and Vandana are getting shocked very badly. Maya asks where is the letter? Police Inspector says that I will show you.

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After this, Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh are coming there in the hospital where Jhanvi is present. Maya is trying to talk to her mother but she is laying down silently. She is not replying even a single word to her. Maya is trying to talk to her again and again. But she is not replying. Arjun is trying to handle Maya. Then, the doctor comes there and says that Jhanvi is in Coma.

Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Written Update:

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Then, the doctor added that Jhanvi’s spinal cord was getting to break down very badly when she was falling down from the height. Maya is shouting very badly and cries a lot. Maya is coming near to the Jhanvi and looks at her happily. Later Maya says to Jhanvi, I am sorry maa. Guys, maybe Maya threw Jhanvi from the height. Arjun and Saanjh are getting shocked and tensed to see all of this. Saanjh says that I don’t believe that Jhanvi aunty killed Ashwin. Arjun says that I am feeling bad for Jhanvi aunty even this case is getting finished. Saanjh says that I don’t know but I am feeling like case is not over now. The truth is something else.

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Beyhadh 6th March 2017 Written Episode:

Later Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh are coming back to the home with Jhanvi. Actually, the court said that Maya will take care of Jhanvi and Police will verify Jhanvi’s condition every month. Till then the case is over. Here Police Inspector says to that case is not over. Maya looks on. From her heart, Maya thinks that she can do everything but she can handle everything very smartly.

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