Beyhadh 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Here Arjun and Saanjh are getting in bad controversy by Maya’s name. They are getting a bad fight with each other. Finally, they decide that we are going back to the home now. Saanjh says that I want to go back home now. Saanjh is sitting backside. Arjun is coming there and says that I am not a driver, so someone is coming at the front seat now.

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Ayaan and Saanjh’s brother are saying to Arjun and Saanjh that your fight is spoiling our vacations now. We are sitting here till you people won’t solve your fight. They are sitting outside the car and says that we won’t get up till you will solve your issues. Arjun starts to talk to Saanjh about this and makes her relax. Finally, they solve their issues and comes back to the home.

Maya rings at the door. Jhanvi is going there try to check out who is on the door. Maya makes her scared very badly. Maya asks have you got scared? Jhanvi replies yes. Maya says let see what I brought for you? Jhanvi and Maya are sitting in a hall room where Maya says I brought a chiki, and so many other things for you. Jhanvi asks what happened?

Here Saanjh tells everything to her mother that what happened amid Arjun and Maya aka Jennifer Winget. She tells everything that how Maya proposed him in a hot air balloon. Saanjh’s mother is getting angry and says that I won’t leave this Maya. She is trying to come in between you people. There is only one solution that we will contact pahadi wale baba and he will give us a solution.

Beyhadh 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Here Ayaan’s mother comes to know about the Maya that she proposed Arjun in the Lonavala. She is getting tensed. Ayaan says my brother is so hot. So that everyone tries hard to set him. Ayaan’s mother says that are you getting mad. She doesn’t love Arjun, she just want to get him into her life. This is not safe for your brother.

Jhanvi says that I was waiting for you very badly. Maya is jumping a lot there. Jhanvi asks what happened? Are you alright? Maya says today I got a man who only sees me, who only loves me. Who will give me one priority to me only. Even he doesn’t love my name and fame. He loves me only.  So that finally, I have fulfilled my dream and finally, confess my love to my lover. Jhanvi asks what happened?  She says I told my feeling to Arjun that I love him a lot.

Jhanvi asks what he replied. Maya says that he will reply positively to me. I am waiting for his reply. Jhanvi says that how do you know that he will reply you good. Maya says that nobody will say no to me. Click here-> Beyhadh 6th December 2016 written update. Here Maya’s mother asks Maya that what will happen when he will say no to you. Maya says that he never deny me because I will not leave the reason for saying no to me. Therefore, Arjun is only mine and that’s why he will come into my life only.

Beyhadh 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

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