Beyhadh 7th June 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Beyhadh 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Beyhadh. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

Maya stands there and then Arjun asks her to come with him. But here Samay is sitting into a drum inside the water. He is catching Maya’s hand and starts to kiss her hand. She is trying to make her hand release out but Samay is not leaving her hand. Arjun is coming near to Maya and maybe he is seeing him. But he can’t see Samay there.

He brings Maya back to the home whereas Maya screams in front of Arjun to please save her baby, to please save her baby. Arjun catches her shoulders and says that you don’t worry, I am always with you. Maya calms down. Later Maya is coming into her room and stands in front of the mirror. She starts to talk to her baby like you are Arjun’s life and Arjun is my love. So that your mumma doesn’t live with your father. Please handle everything.

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Beyhadh 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

She starts to do a drama by saying to her baby that I am doing wrong by using all these words in front of you. I am so sorry my dear baby. Maya says to her baby that you have to come into mumma papa’s life as soon as possible. Till then I will throw Samay out from my life. Even though I will kill Samay as soon as possible. Suddenly, Maya starts to cry a lot. Later she decides to sleep down soon.

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She is coming on her bed and even she is trying hard to sleep down for the health of her baby. Suddenly, sh gets Samay’s call. She recalled when Samay threatened her like if she can’t take his call then he will expose Maya in front of all people. As Maya is scared from Samay’ side and that’s why she takes Samay’s call. Samay asks why didn’t she change her clothes yet. Maybe she is missing Samay and that’s why she can’t change her clothes.

Beyhadh 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update:

Maya is getting shocked. Samay laughs and says to Maya that you can’t disconnect my call till I will not. Maya says that Arjun is sleeping and I can’t talk to you no. Even I will talk to you tomorrow. Samay laughs and says that no I can’t wait anymore. We can talk to each other now. Maya is making a request to him to cut down the call now. Samay says no and if she will think to cut off the call then he will re-open all the secrets of her in front of her dog Arjun. Maya gets scared. Samay says that today is a love making night and I just want your love today at any cost. Now you may decide whether you will spend today’s night with me or I will expose you in front of the Arjun. Maya gets scared and gets ready to fulfill Samay’s condition.

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