Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Maya is talking to her mother and asks her what happened? Is everything alright? Jhanvi makes her relax and says that you don’t worry, everything is alright. Maya asks maa nobody will snatch my happiness? Jhanvi replies that yes dear, nobody will snatch your happiness. Even Ashwin won’t do anything. Here Ashwin is coming to meet Vandana in between the way.

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He catches Vandana near to the wall and says that Maya is mad. She is not right girl for Arjun. Vandana gets scared and says to Saanjh that we have to stop this marriage. Vandana is getting shocked and she runs away from there. She is getting so much tensed and then recalling Ashwin’s words again and again. Ashwin told her that Maya cut her father’s leg when she was only 9. So you just think what will she do with your son and your family.

Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Update:

Vandana is thinking a lot and then decides to meet Ashwin again just to know everything about Maya. She is crying a lot to think about Arjun’s life. Here Maya is getting ready in a bridal dress. She is sitting in front of the mirror and looking at her. She is recalling Ashwin’s words that if she doesn’t give rest 50% shares of her company to him then he won’t let this marriage happen. Suddenly, Jhanvi comes there and asks her that, Are you getting ready?

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Maya says yes I am ready. Suddenly, a girl is calling Jhanvi and says that Barat is coming on the door. Maya runs towards the window. Jhanvi stops her by saying that bride never sees a barat. Maya is getting restless to see this. Here Jhanvi welcomes the barat and then applies a tilak on Arjun’s head. Then, she asks about Vandana. Saanjh’s mother says that she is going outside to bring some pooja items and you don’t worry, she will be coming back soon. Ayaan and Arjun are getting tensed to think about their mother.

Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Maya is seeing Arjun and gets so happy. Arjun asks Jhanvi about Maya. Jhanvi says that you have to wait for her and she will come here soon. Arjun smiles and Maya is also smiling by looking at him. Here Vandana is going at Ashwin’s flat to meet him but nobody is there. Later Vandana thinks that she have to inform Saanjh about this. She makes a call to Saanjh and says that Maya tried to kill her father in her childhood then what will she do with our Arjun.We have to save our son. Here Maya is coming in the mandap where Arjun is looking at her very sweetly. But Saanjh decides that I won’t let anyone to come in between duffer’s happiness.

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