Beyhadh 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Beyhadh 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode, written episode on

The serial start when the Arjun says to Maya that I am going to the home. Maya asks what happened? Let’s have a tea together. Arjun says I like a tea but not here. Maya asks when will we go to take your favorite tea. Arjun says ok. They are coming outside for taking a tea on the roadside tea stall. Maya is enjoying the moment and then takes  a tea with Arjun by sitting on the roadside bench.

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Here Maya’s father is getting angry to think about Maya that what is she doing?  With whom she is enjoying her life now? On whom she is spending a lot of money. I just want to find out him  as soon as possible. Click here-> Bey had h 8th December 2016 written update

In the night, Saanjh is getting upset. Even she is crying too. Arjun is trying to make her relax and happy too. He tells her everything that why he accepted all that from Maya. He brings an ice-cream for her. He says that warmness is increasing and ice-cream is getting melt down. But I won’t let this ice-cream waste. So that I will eat both ice-creams.

Beyhadh 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

He is sitting there and starts to eat ice-creams. Saanjh snatches one ice-cream and says that don’t eat my one. Arjun says that I will never get stuck in Maya’s trap. So you don’t take any more tension. Even he says sorry to her because of his bad behavior with her in an office. Saanjh says that I am getting scared because of problems and changements which are coming into our life.

Arjun takes her hand and says that problems will be getting changed into our life, priorities will get change, dreams will get change, and everything will be getting change. Saanjh says that I never become change and I don’t want to get change. Arjun says that when I will become a big photographer then you will behave same with me. She says yes, Arjun says that do you want to know why I am not getting scared by these changements.

She asks why? He replies that I know whenever I will fall down you are always here to handle me. So that I am feeling so secure. After this, Arjun and Saanjh are coming downstairs. Saanjh is trying to hurt him but she is falling down. Arjun laughs and says that you are such a mean girl, you were trying to hurt me but here you hurt yourself.

Arjun gives hand to her to get her up. They are saying good night to each other. Suddenly, Arjun gets Maya’s message to call her. He think why is she sending this message in a mid night, He makes a call to her. She starts to talk about work. Arjun says that I told you that, sleeping time is only to get sleep not for doing work. Maya says my sleeping pills are getting finished, do you know someone will give pills to me without prescription.

Beyhadh 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Arjun says no. He says that if you want to get sleep then you will use my idea. Maya asks what? He says that you have to eat an inc-cream and then you will get sleep. Maya asks really? He says yes. Maya says I never keep ice-cream at home because mom is suffered by diabetes. Now it’s too late and nobody is here to get ice-cream for me. Arjun says you don’t worry, I will be coming there with an ice-cream.

Arjun reaches at Maya’s home where Maya opens the door and gives suprise to him. He gves his favorite vanila ice-cream. She gets happy and brings him inside. He says that it’s wrong to bring a young boy inside the home in a mid night. Maya says that don’t you kno why I called you here in a mid night.

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