Beyhadh: Arjun Equally Disturb by Parental Past Just Like Maya (Jennifer Winget)

Beyhadh latest News 2016: Arjun Equally Disturb by Parental Past Just Like Maya (Jennifer Winget) on

The Upcoming episode of Beyhadh will bring a big news for the fans of this show. There will be  a high voltage drama happen amid Arjun aka Kushal Tondon and Maya aka Jennifer Winget. As the news has released out by the makers of the show that, Arjun is also having a same troubling parental past. Due to which he is already disturbed by the same issues with whom Maya is disturbed.

Arjun was also facing the same issues as Maya tolerated in her parental past. Just like Arjun, Maya was also facing the same problems in her life. Actually, Arjun’s mother was also doing the second marriage in her life and Arjun never considered that man as his father.

So that Arjun blames his mother for snatching his real father love from him. Arjun always feels so alone in case of real parental love especially fatherly love. So that he become so stubborn and clever just like Maya. In the upcoming ongoing serial, there will a lot of tragedical drama happen amid Arjun and Maya.

Beyhadh Latest News: Arjun Helps Maya in Recovering from Parental Issues

As Arjun knows everything that how much a child missing their parents love amid their childhood life. Similarly, Maya is also feeling the same. So that’s why she becomes sociopath and stubborn. It would be interesting to watch out how Arjun will help Maya in recovering over from Maya’s fatherly adverse effect upon Maya?

Stay tuned with us. We will update here every day. Visiting here day by day to get all latest, upcoming, and written updates of Beyhadh. This show is having a different concept as compared to other issues. As we read out Arjun was also passing through the same problem with which Maya was passing through. So that Arjun understands everything very nicely.

From the last some time, when Arjun came into Maya’s life, he joined her office, he made a lot of fun there. Even Maya liked him in her office. But when she watched out a footage, she started to hate him because of her gray natures, she started to hate him and decided to punish him surely.

So that she threw Arjun out from her office just to punish him. But when Arjun came to know about this, he got angry and decided to take revenge from her. After some time, when he started to play tricky games with her. When he comes to know that she is also suffered by same problem which he had. Let see what will happen next.

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