Beyhadh: Arjun Leaves Maya’s Office, Maya Runs After Arjun Surprisingly

Beyhadh Latest News: Arjun Leaves Maya’s Office, Maya Runs After Arjun Surprisingly on

The one of the most awaited show of the Sony TV channel is Beyhadh in which Jeniffer Winget and Kushal Tondon are playing the lead roles in the show. In the upcoming show of Beyhadh, Arjun aka Kushal Tondon will leave Maya’s office and leaves her office forever. There will be a dramatic situation happen amid Arjun and Maya.

As we know  Maya is having a very bad habit due to which she never think of by isulted any people. She never thinks like what he/she will feel when she will insult someone. But Arjun is not that type of person who will take Maya’s insult so lightly.

Arjin decided that he will finish Maya’s topic from his life forever and that’s why he leaves her job in a very determined manner. Due to which Maya will be getting angry and she will decide to get an answer of this activity of Arjun aka Kushal Tondon.

Beyhadh Latest News: Arjun Insults Maya, Maya Runs Behind him

In the upcoming ongoing serial of Sony TV channel Beyhadh, there will be a big issues and high voltage fight will happen amid Arjun and Maya aka Jeniffer Winget. When Arjun will decide to leave Maya’s office, he will throw his i-card on her face and resigns from Maya’s Office finally.

So this is Maya’s insult which is done by Arjun only. She will decide to take revenge frim him at any cost. She would go to take a revenge from him. It would be interesting to watch how Maya will take revenge from Arjun in an upcoming episode of Beyhadh.

Stay tuned with us. We will update here all the latest, upcoming, and forthcoming news of Beyhadh. Keep visiting here to get all Hindi TV Serial Upcoming news. This is such a big and famous which is also known as Jeniffer’s come back show in which she is performing fantastic.

Yes, she is doing a role of sociopath who will do anything without any reasons. In her last TV show which is named as Saraswatichandra is such a big show in which Jeniffer was playing a character of Kumud. She is so beautiful but in this show, she is playing angry role which is completely unique from her original profile.

Beyhadh Upcoming News: Maya Can’t Stop Thinking About Arjun Post Resignation

Maya starts to miss Arjun in an office very badly. She is missing Arjun in  every corner of her office. She starts missing him badly. It would be interesting to watch out how Maya will call Arjun again in an office. Will he come back into an office or not? Lets see how it would be greatful for Maya when Arjun will come back into the office.

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