Beyhadh: Arjun Saves Maya’s Life from Danger, Saanjh Gets Dishearten

Beyhadh: Arjun Saves Maya’s Life from Danger, Saanjh Gets Dishearten on

Do you like a couple of Maya (Jeniffer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tondon)? Do you like to watch the romance of Maya and Arjun on the big screen. But here we are going to share the upcoming news of Beyhadh. In the upcoming track of this show will show a big high voltage drama amid Maya and Arjun.

In the upcoming serial, Maya will be drowning in the bath tub. She screams a lot. She won’t know how it happened with her. Arjun hears her scream and he starts to climb on the pipe without to bother about his own life. He will reach there and saves Maya’s life from a danger.

Guys, this is just a Maya’s madness. She wanted to check out how much Arjun take care of her. Finally, he saves her life without to think about himself which makes Maya happy. She gets successful in balancing her madness and Arjun’s love. Finally, Arjun saves Maya’s precious life.

No matter how much Maya gave tension to Arjun at the workplace but now when Maya needs Arjun, he never thinks twice. He may directly jump into the problem just to save Maya’s life. But somewhere Saanjh is getting hurt by seeing this closeness of Arjun and Maya aka Jeniffer Winget.

Saanjh will be getting hurt to see Arjun and Maya’s close relationship. She feels like Arjun is going very much close to Maya day by day which will create a lot of issues in Saanjh’s life.

Beyhadh Latest News: Saanjh Gets Upset by Arjun & Maya’s Closeness:

Now the Maya is passing through a very bad time when she always sees Arjun with Maya. She is missing him very badly but she is unable to stop him from going near to Maya. But she decides to separate Arjun and Maya forever because somewhere she feels like she also loves Arjun. But she can’t confess her feelings yet.

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In previous episodes, Maya was taking a lot of revenge from Arjun when he joined her office. But he was unaware from the sociopath nature of Maya. Her mother knew it very well. But when she fired Arjun out from the office without any reason. He decided to take a revenge from her. From that moments, little stunts bring Arjun and Maya together.

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