Beyhadh (Behad): Maya Try to Kill Herself Just to Satisfy Her Ego, Arjun Saves Her Life

Beyhadh Upcoming Story: Maya Try to Kill Herself Just to Satisfy Her Ego, Arjun Saves Her Life on

The Upcoming Episode of Beyhadh will bring a highly dramatic situation amid Arjun aka Kushal Tondon and Maya aka Jennifer Winget. Actually, in the upcoming track, Maya will be getting angry to see her mother in a very happy state when Arjun will describing everything about Maya. They both laughs together.

Maya will not tolerate their laugh and happiness as she is a gray shade natured girl. As we know, she is very possessive for her mother because she lost her father’s love and care in her childhood time. So that she gets so much serious about her mother and always looks after her.

But when she will see her mother with Arjun in a laughing state then she will not able to tolerate this truth and she feels like Arjun snatched her mother. Due to which she will try to kill herself and gives a harm to her. So that in the upcoming episode of Beyhadh, Maya and Arjun will be involved in a bad situation with each other.

So that Maya will be lying on the road just to kill herself by someone’s car. As we know, her nature is so obsessed. So it would be interesting to find out how Arjun will save Maya’s life and how will he admit her in the hospital. Stay tuned with us for more updates or watch it out to get mroe enjoyment.

Beyhadh (Behad) Upcoming Story: Arjun Admit’s Maya in the Hospital

In current ongoing episodes, Saajh’s father is trying to motivate her for the marriage. But  she is not ready with this. Her father says her that you are my shadow and whatever you will do in your life, you will reflect me. So that’s why I am just requesting you to meet that boy once and then you will decide what will you do?

So that Saanjh decides that she will meet that boy once and then she will decide. But she is continuously thinking about Arjun aka Kushal Tondon. She loves him but she is not analyzing this feeling correctly. She is in doubt, she feels that Arjun is her best friend only and nothing else.

Stay tuned with us for further details, Written Update, and story developments of Beyhadh. We will surely update here what will makers think about this story. They are always trying to add some twist into the show. But guys if you have nay more idea or suggestion then you may write here via using a comment box.

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