Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Salman Khan is coming on the stage with his fabulous performance. After this, he starts to talk to all people of Bigg Boss 10 house via Jio TV. Salman Khan is so angry from Swami ji’s side. He asks Swami why you said all that for Bani’s mother. How dare you to said all this. How someone says wrong about the mother. Swami says she is my mother too. Salman asks really in anger.

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Salman Khan is congratulating Priyanka for captaincy. She says thank you to Salman Khan. Salman Khan is asking to Lopa Mudra that why were you not getting nominated for the captaincy task? Lopa describes that why they didn’t choose Lopa for the captain post. She added that I think my BB Luxury task. Rahul says that she will become a good captain of this house but from last some days, I got feedback from some people that Lopa has changed. So that I was not supporting her.

After this, Salman Khan calls Bani in the witness box. He says that I heard that you were getting famous by the name ‘Backout Queen.’ You are always running out from the situation without hearing anyone else. Bani says that I know my patience level is low, so that I back out from the situation without saying anything. I finalized to go away from there without saying anything wrong.

Salman Khan asks what happened Gaurav? You tell something about Bani. Gaurav says that I know Bani is straight forward girl who always exactly saying what is she feeling that time. So that she is showing what she feels. Salman Khan is saying that

Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After this, Salman Khan calls Swami in the witness box. When Swami is coming inside, Salman Khan says that you are not making relationship without anyone. You are such a bad man. Swami says that I never saw this show earlier but when I am coming here  and saying anything whatever I feel. Salman Khan asks do you know Indian traditi0n, values, custom, rituals, and much more.

Salman Khan says that Bigg Boss house is in India and not outside from India. Swami says that when I was going to the court. A lot of people were coming there and says me that  they are watching Bigg Boss show only because of me. Even they told me to stay in this home till 28th January 2017. But now I am making a promise to all that I will win this show at any cost. I will say everything whatever I like just to win this show.

Salman Khan is saying to him that stop all this and listen to me that you are such a cheap man who is saying wrong about the girl. Recently, you were doing wrong with Lopa. I am coming here with a bad mood because I watched out all the shows which made me angry. Salman Khan asks what you said to Lopa Mudra. He asks Priyanka what he said? Priyanka says that I don’t know, I can’t say anything.

Salman Khan asks Lopa Mudra what happened? What he said? Lopa says that he called me ‘Badsurat.’ Even he is roaming here and there by calling me Radha Rani and Braman Sundari. After this, Salman Khan asks him what you said to Bani that her mother will get die. Don’t you have a mother? Swami says that Bharat ma is my mother. Salman Khan asks what about Bani’s mother?

Salman Khan says that you are not able to call you someone baba, I will call you Om from now onwards. How dare you to told all this Bani. How? Swami says that I did a mistake. So that’s why I said sorry to Bani. Salman Khan scolds him very badly. He says that you are not swami from now onwards. After this, Salman Khan says sorry to Bani on Swami’s behalf. Bani accepts his sorry.

After this, Salman Khan asks him how dare you do a toilet in front of ladies. How dare you? Swami says that all people were provoking me, so that I did this. Salman Khan is getting angry and says that I am trying to talk to BMC and fixes some mobile toilets for the people only for saving the country from bad things. I also want that nobody can do toilet on the road and outside. After this, Manveer, Lopa, Gaurav, and all other members are getting in controversy with each other very badly. Monalisa says to Manveer that I am seeing everything that what are you doing now. Manveer says I don’t want to hear you. Monalisa that I don’t want to see you now, you are n’t trust worthy.

Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

After some time, Karishma Tanna and the most famous man Devang (ABP News), who is dictating inside Bigg Boss house every time. They both are coming at Bigg Boss house. They are asking a number of questions to Monalisa and Manveer. They both are getting in controversy with each other. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 9th December 2016 written update

Today’s elimination- Sahil is getting eliminate from today’s show. 

Salman Khan says that house members are thinking that Sahil is eliminated now. After his, nobody will go out this week. But they don’t know there is a double eviction. So that one more contestant will be getting eliminate from this house tomorrow.

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