Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Bigg Boss will be going to explain one of the tasks for Ticket To Finale. The main motive of this task is to keep candidate safe for the last week of the Finale. He/she who will win this task, he/she will be staying here till Finale without to save any nomination or elimination. All the house members are getting shocked to see this.

This task relates to the Solar System whereas the Bigg Boss gives a garden to Solar System type look. All the contestants will take rounds of this system by taking a water bowl in their hands. Rohan is the dictator of this task. He will check out the task precisely. Let see who will win this task to stay in this house till the last. Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 written. There are two main motives of the task, one is to save their own water and to makes other’s water waste.

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Bigg Boss 10 10th January 2017 Written Update:

After some time, all the contestants are starting to do rounds of the solar system by taking a water bowl in their hands. Bani, Nitibha, Manu, Manveer, and Monalisa are taking these rounds. Rohan is the dictator of this house. Only Lopa Mudra is sitting outside by wearing a dress of astronauts. Even though, all people are wearing of astronaut dress. They all are talking to each other. But Nitibha is walking so slowly. Manu says her to walk fast. Niti says that if you want to do fast walking then you may go in front of me then walk as per your wish. They have started their task in the noon and they are still continuing it. It’s 11 o’clock.

After this, they are taking a break for fifteen minutes. Bani and Nitibha are enjoying their dinner. Manu is taking a rest and Manveer is also sitting there. Manu is making a plan to spill Niti, Bani, or Lopa water during this task. Manu tells his plan to Manveer and says him to implement their plan as soon as possible. But when they start to take rounds.

But when they start their round, Lopa is walking at the first place. Manveer is behind her, then Manu, Bani, and Niti at the last position. They start to walk. After some time, all people start to do walk in hurry. Due to which Lopa and Manveer’s water falls down. She gets angry. Lopa says to all to stay away from her and not to come near to her.

Bigg Boss 10 10th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, a next round start and only four people are starting their journey. Bani, Manveer, Mona, and Nitibha are starting their journey on the solar system whereas Niti is at the first place. Then Manu, Bani, and Manveer are walking there. After some time, when they increase their speed. Nitibha is falling down and her one leg is getting stuck between the two circles of the solar system. All people are coming there to help Nitibha. Manveer is trying to take Nitibha in his arms. But she uses to walk on her leg. They bring her inside the home.

After sometime, Bigg Boss says to all that today’s task time is getting over now. So you have to take rest. Manu says to Bigg Boss to please continue the task now. Don’t leave the game for tomorrow. Manveer also wanted the same. After some time, Bani, Manu, and Manveer are doing a practice for the next day task. They are making a fun over Solar System and all. Bani laughs a lot. Lopa is getting jealous. So that she is using some bad words for Bani, Manveer, and Manu.

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