Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Salman Khan is coming on the stage with his fabulous and cute dance. He dances on the song ‘Bjade Desi Beat Soniya.’ Salman Khan says total seven people were getting nominated from this home this week. So that here will be a double eviction in this home. But nobody knows about this.

After some time, he calls some people who are looking alike to Bigg Boss house contestants. Bharti and Krishna are coming there and a song plays on ‘Om Sai Raam, Tujhse Pehle Lunga Mummy Daddy Ka Naam.’ Bharti is wearing a red frock and then starts to make a fun. Bharti and Krishna are pulling Salman Khan’s leg. Salman Khan is laughing a lot.

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After some time, Bharti and Krishna are going from there. Salman Khan is coming into the home vis JIO TV where all contestants are sitting together in a hall room. Baba ji is coming on the hot seat where Salman Khan is asking a number of questions and then other contestants are giving their votes for the questions either yes or not. Salman Khan asks Baba is doing drama of considering Priyanka as his daughter? Five people are sayinf yes and left two are saying now. Baba is getting a slap now.

Second questions is that, Without baba ji, people won’t watch this show. Everybody says yes, this is false. The next one is Baba ji always saying fake or false. Everybody says yes. Baba ji is getting a slap again. Here Now it’s Bani’s turn. She is sitting on the chair where Salman Khan is asking a question to all like Bani is selfish? Everybody says yes except Gaurav. Bani gets a slap. Salman Khan asks Bani is behaving rude to all? Everybody says yes. Next one is Bani is insecure from Lopa. Everybody says no except Rohan. Bani gets safe and doesn’t get slap. Next is, Bani can use her tears from coming out from any situation? Everybody says yes. Bani gets a slap.

Now it’s Lop’s turn. Salman Khan asks Lopa can do anything to stay inside the game. Five people are saying yes. Lopa gets a slap. Lopa laughs and says no no no. Next one is Lopa gets jealous to Bani. Lopa gets safe and doesn’t get any slap. After this, Lopa is immature? Everybody says yes. Lopa gets a slap. Everybody laughs and Lopa says that this slap is so hard.

Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Actually, this is a team of laughter challenge i.e Krishna, Sudesh, and Bharti. Krishna is becoming a Swami OM ji and he is making a lot of fun by saying Swami’s dialogues. He can also a dance just like the Swami OM ji. Krishna is becoming Swami OM ji and says to all that ‘M Shamaa Pararthi hu’. He is saying again and again. Salman Khan and all other people are laughing a lot.

In between Sudesh is coming there by wearing a blue frock and dances on the song ‘Kamariya.’ After this, Sudesh becomes a girl is coming there who is becoming Monalisa. She performs a dance just like Monalisa and all people are laughing very badly.Krishna and Sudesh are making a lot of fun on the stage. Suddenly, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM Fame) Ruhi aka Aditi Bhatia is also coming there for doing a Bani’s role. She is looking alike VJ Bani.

After some time, Hina Khan, Nitin, and Sheetal are coming there. Salman Khan welcomes them on the grand stage. Salman Khan says that Hina Khan is a co-star of Rohan and she is coming here for him. Hina Khan says that I am proud of him and I am watching her another side which is nice. Sheetal and Nitin are appreciating Bani for her nature. Sheetal and Nitin are also appreciating Bani beyond the limit which Salman Khan doesn’t like.

After some time, Anita Hassanandani and Mobin are coming there by becoming as Producer and Director. They are making a lot of fun by taking Monalisa and Bani’s name. Mobin says that Priyanka Jagga is coming to meet me just to become an actress of this film. After this Bharti is coming there by becoming a Bigg Boss eye. She says that I am Bigg Boss eyes but I am suffered by motia bindh after to see Swami OM Ji’s drama’s. All house members and audiences are laughing a lot. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Update. Bani is making a lot of fun with all people of Bigg Boss 10. After some time, Bharti calls a girl who is playing a Lopa’s role. She is looking alike Lopa Mudra. Bharti is pulling Lopa’s legs through that double role girl.

After some time, a world’s biggest magician named as Aamir is coming on the grand stage of Bigg Boss house who is showing a lot of magics to all people. Aaamir breaks a glass jug without touching it. All people are getting shocked a lot. Salman Khan sends Aamir inside the house and shows so many magics to all people like he makes Bani, a tree on which Manveer stands easily. All people are getting shocked. After this, he makes Monalisa that her sound is not coming out from the mouth. But when he stops his magic, Monalisa is able to talk. All people are getting shocked.

Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode

After this, Bigg Boss makes an annoucement for Aamir that he has to come out from the house through main door. Aamir shows a last magic through which he arranges the alphabets and makes Priyanka’s name. All people are getting shocked and says that it means Priyanka Jagga is getting eliminated from the house. She is taking her bag and goes out from the house as fast as possible. Manveer says her to meet him once. But Priyanka says that why I say bye to anyone.

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