Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all the contestants are getting wake up and a song plays on,’Jhumka Gira Re Barely Ke Bazar Mein.’ All the contestants are dancing on this song. Monalisa is getting so happy and says to Bigg Boss that, she is so happy to hear her favorite song. After this, Nitibha and Lopa Mudra are talking to each other in which Nitibha tells her about her Paris visit.

After some time, Lopa Mudra reads out Bigg Boss orders that it’s a time to start the task again. Whereas Bani J, Manveer, and Manu are walking on the top layer of Solar System. All three are trying to spill each other’s water. Rohan says that Bani is out because her water is falling down very badly. Bani says that no, it didn’t happen because I told that we never touch each other.

Finally, a very big controversy happen amid Manveer, Manu, and Bani Judge. Bani says that you played with tricks and that’s why I never carry out tasks because I know you people never played very well. You are such a cheap lies. After to shout a lot, Bani is going inside the house whereas Nitibha is giving an emotional support to Bani whereas Bani is crying a lot.

Bigg Boss says to all that we will be going to left task now. This time, Manveer, Manu, and Bani are the contestants who are left and who are going to perform this task now. But after some time, Bani’s water will spill out and then she will be getting out from the game finally. There will be a big controversy amid Manveer and Bani. The task name is,’Maruti Suzuki Push Your Limits to Finale.’

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Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Update:

After this, only Manu and Manveer are the two candidates who will go to the mall for the votes. But when Manu and Manveer will come to know that, they will get so happy. Let see who will get more votes to enter in Finale week. Let see who will win this task to stay in this house till the last. Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 written update. At last, Nitibha says that you people will go out from the main door after to get next order of Bigg Boss. Manu and Manveer are getting super excited to go out. Lopa Mudra, Monalisa, and all other house contestants are giving their best wishes to MANU and MANVEER.

Bigg Boss 10 11th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Manu and Manveer are going out from the main door and then sits inside the Maruti Suzuki Swift red colored car. Their eyes are getting closed by the blue colored cloth. They are reaching to the mall where a thousand of people are coming to support Manu and Manveer. They are going behind the bars there and all people meets them. All are shouting very badly in an excitement, happiness, and just like a dream come true. Manveer and Manu are getting so happy. Girls are saying them I love you and gives a lot of kisses them.

Nitibha reads out the letter and says that Bigg Boss sends a bowl full of rice and dal. All people will start to separate daal and rice. This is a punishment from Bigg Bos side. Bigg Boss says that people doesn’t watch you people in a lazy mood. So that you have to do this task and shows your energy. Here Girls are coming to kiss, propose, and gifts to Manveer. In the night, around 10 pm, Manu and Manveer are coming back to the home with their wallet boxes. All the house members are getting so happy to see them. Manveer is jumping in a super excitement of happiness. He says girls were kissing me and took a lot of selfies. I am so happy.

Manu says people were shattering cages and try to snatch us. After this, Bigg Boss makes an announcement. He says to Manu and Manveer to count their votes. Manu and Manveer are starting to count their votes. Manveer gets 428 Votes and Manu gets 300 something votes. Finally, Manveer won this task and he again become the captain of this house. All people are laughing a lot and give their best wishes to the Manveer. Apart from this, Bigg Boss says to Manveer that you are the first contestant who is selected to get direct entry in the Finale week.

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