Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Bigg Boss sends Priyanka to the secret room directly from where she will watch all the house members every time. She can easily keep her eyes on all Bigg Boss house members. She starts to watch out all the house members who are saying a lot for her like Lopa Mudra is looking so happy and says that first time I feel good to see someone go out from this house.

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All people are getting wake up on the song ‘Bangle Ke Piche, Meri Beri Ke Niche.’ Here Monalisa, Lopa, and all other people are dancing on the song. Here Priyanka is also dancing on the song. In the kitchen, Lopa, Gaurav, Bani, Manveer, and all other people are talking to each other about dramatic Priyanka. After some time, Swami is saying to the camera that all people were making a plan and sends Priyanka out of the home.

Secondly, Monalisa and Priyanka are talking to each other about Priyanka. Manveer says that I not mad that I am roaming behind everyone to teach then what to do, how to do? Similarly, Priyanka was behaving like a kid sometimes, she was coming behind me which I never like. Finally, she has gone, I am happy. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 written update

Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Jason won’t be a part of this show because he needs more medical attention and that’s why he will not come here back. All people are praying for his good health. Bigg Boss calls Swami in the confession room. He is going inside and says to Bigg Boss that all people boycott me this time, but if you are giving me some chance then I will entertain all people. But you have to do something.

Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss says that I am going to give you the best opportunity to save yourself for next two weeks. But the condition is, Bigg Boss will cut 10 lakhs amount from the prize money of this show. Swami says that I am ready for this. Bigg Boss says that this is not only your amount, this 10 lakh amount will cut from the prize money either anybody will become a winner of this show. Swami says I am ready for this. Here all contestants are watching this and comes to know that Swami was saying yes to cut 10 lakh money from the prize money.

After some time, Swami is coming in the hall room. Everybody asks what is this? What happened to you? Swami is not saying anything. Suddenly, Bigg Boss informs all people about Swami about this conditions which were saying by Swami OM ji. Manveer and all other people are getting in controversy with Swami ji. After this, Swami ji is trying hard to make everyone understand that

Nitibha says that Bigg Boss sends a balloon belt for everyone  which will wear by everyone in this house. After this, when Bigg Boss will ask about the nominate people then he/she will use in to burst the balloon of that person whom he/she want to nominate. But nobody will nominate Swami ji this time. Bigg Boss makes Swami ji as a dictator of this task of nominations.

After this, Rahul Dev is nominating Manveer and he bursts out a balloon. Manveer and Rahul Dev are getting into a bad controversy with each other. Manveer busts out his own balloon before Rahul Dev. Bigg Boss says to Manveer to take his another balloon from the

Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Update:

Nominations of this week are:

  1. Manveer Nominates Rahul Dev
  2. Rahul Dev Nominates Manveer

In between, Gaurav says to Bani that you have to bursts out Nitibha’s balloon and I will burst out Monalisa’s balloon. Bani says that if Manveer is coming here then he will burst out. After some time, Gaurav is giving some tips to her that Monalisa and Nitibha will burst

3. Bani Nominates Nitibha.

Here Nitibha and Manveer are talking to each other about nominations. Manveer is trying to make her understand not to get up first. Just sit here and analyze who will nominate which one. Here Bani is coming to talk to Gaurav again. She says to him that if I did this then you will do according to me. He says that I didn’t force you for doing this, if you did that, then it was your choice. Suddenly, he is coming to talk to Monalisa and says that I won’t nominate you but you don’t get up for doing anything.

After this, Monalisa thinks that what was he saying? She is looking black. Here Gaurav is coming to talk to Nitibha and says her to bursts out his balloon instead of anyone. Nitibha says that I will do according to my wish. Gaurav is asking to Lopa that what is Gaurav trying to do with Nitibha right now.

4. Bani changes her decision and nominates Lopa by saying that I will play this game at my own.

Here Lopa says to Gaurav that I am Lopa not Bani. So that I will take my decision at my own. Nobody makes me a fool. Here Gaurav, Monalisa, and Manveer are talking to each other about the game.

5. Lopa Mudra nominates Bani

Nominations of this week are:


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