Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the next task which is ‘Luxury Budget Task’ in which all the contestants will become a customer executive in Bigg Boss house. Some of them will attend customer and rest people will call them as a customer.  Rohan, Bani, and Nitibha will become the customer and makes a call to the customer care executive. Apart from this, Manu, Manveer, and Lopa Mudra will become customer care executive. Monalisa will work as a dictator. Lopa Mudra, Manu, and Manveer are talking to each other about this task. Manu makes them understand that how will they work for this task. All over we have to show our patience level.


Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Update:

Firstly, when Manu is becoming a customer executive. Rohan calls him and shouts at him very badly. Manu Punjabi gets angry a lot to think about his defame phase. Rohan makes a call to him and calls him as Jaipur King. Manu replies that I am not here to talk with you some personal matter. But how can I help you? Rohan says that you are not becoming captain yet, even you didn’t do any task properly yet. Even you defeated by the Manveer last day by 150 votes. Rohan is saying everything to Manu Punjabi by saying that you are a big looser, you are talking to defeat everyone in this Bigg Boss 10 show. But if I talked to you about last day then you were getting defeat by a single man. That was rubbish. Manu is saying that I will work on your problems. I will work on your issues and will carry out your issues. After this, Manu cuts the call. Lopa asks who cut the call. Manu replies the customer cuts the call. After this, Manu is saying everything to Lopa and Manveer that his call was one of the worst call.

After this, Lopa takes the call and Bani is calling her. Bani starts to shout at her very badly. But Lopa is saying that I think you are getting mad and you are not taking your medicine on time. Bani says that you don’t have any ph.d on medicine then who are you to say all this to me. Bani says that I am here to help you but you are such a worst lady of this house Lopa Mudra Raut. Even though, you are back-biting Rohan, whom you called your bets friend. Lopa Mudra says that I am a real woman and always real for every person even he is Rohan or anyone else. Lopa is taking her call so politely and after some time, the call cuts down. Bani comes out from the phone room and shouts that I am so tensed customer and you didn’t give me any satisfactory answer.

After Manu, there will be a turn of Manveer. Nitibha will call him and tells him about the meaning of friendship and games which Manu doesn’t understand. At last, Niti will insult him. Now there will be a Lopa’s turn to become customer executive. Bani will call her and shouts very loudly. She defames Lopa by calling her face as a bad one thing in her personality. Let see who will get more votes to enter in Finale week after Manveer. Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 written update

Bigg Boss 10 12th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, they are exchanging their calls. Rohan makes a call and Manveer takes his call. Rohan is trying to bring rift amid Manu and Manveer by saying that Manu was taking back step and he didn’t compete you because he already knows that if he came in front of you then he might defeat by you. Manveer handles him carefully. After this, Bani makes a call to Lopa Mudra and she shouts again. Bani is making a number of bad comments on her by calling her that you are such a cheap lady whose preference is to become beautiful from an outside only, but insidely you have no feelings and no emotions.

After this, Bani asks some bad moments, good moments, make-up, and shopping expenses from Lopa Mudra. But the call ends and then Bani is coming out. She is talking to Rohan about her call. She says that I am getting so shocked to think that you didn’t help me out about Lopa Mudra. Rohan gets angry and says that why are you trying to bring rift amid me and Lopa. I don’t want to go to ask any question to her because I don’t have any complaint from her. Bani gets angry and says that it’s not about to take a revenge. It’s a funny task and that’s why I told you to go to call her. After sometime, Bigg Boss says that the today’s time for this task is over. Nitibha and Manveer are sitting together. They are talking to each other about their fight and all.

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