Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all people are getting wake up and a song plays on,”What is your mobile number, what is your style number.’ All people are dancing on this song. Manveer, Monalisa, and Manu are talking to each other about Nitibha. Monalisa says that Nitibha is in trauma and she is looking tensed all the time. Manveer asks what happened? Why is she doing this?

Bani, Rohan Mehra, and Nitibha are becoming the customer care executive of the Bigg Boss 10 House Call Center. Firstly, Bani is sitting there. Manu is making a call to Bani and he scolds her very badly by recalling all the moments in which Bani was giving an importance to food instead of task. All over Bani handles Manu very politely. After this, calls comes to an end.

Lopa Mudra calls her and Bani takes the call. Lopa starts to attack personally on Bani with her senseless questions. In between her queries, she stars to talk about Bani’s mother. She says to Bani that you are gathering people sympathy by talking about your mother.


Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 Written Update:

Bani gets angry and breaks the phone very badly. She runs towards the Bani and catches her in her arms very badly. All people are trying to separate them but Bani is not ready to leave her easily. Both are doing worst controversy. After some time, Lopa says to Bigg Boss that I am getting frustrated by this behavior of Bani. If you won’t take a strict action against her then I will leave this home because I don’t want to stay in this zoo anymore.¬†Read more-> Bigg Boss 10 14th January 2017 written update

After this, Lopa gets injured and she is going to confession for getting first-aid. After some time, Lopa comes out from there and then all people taking Bani’s side because Lopa’s took wrong words. All people are taking Lopa wrong and Lopa is getting irritated by all these things. Bani and Lopa are getting into a bad controversy with each other very badly. Bani is coming near to Lopa again and again. All people are trying to stop Bani because they think¬†that Bani will beat Lopa Mudra.

Bigg Boss 10 13th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, all people are sitting in the hall room where a Bigg Boss says that you all people are now in 13th week of this show. You people are reaching here after to cross 12 weeks. So that people are expected a lot from you. But whatever happened amid Bani and Lopa Mudra, that was such an embarrassing moment for all people. Bigg Boss says this luxury budget task is getting dismissed now. Lopa says if people are getting over react then all this happen like this. Manu says to Lopa that you were doing wrong and I am saying it clearly. Lopa says I don’t want to say anything about this matter. After some time, Nitibha and Manveer are talking to each other just to sought out their problems. Manveer and Niti are getting emotional just like a romantic couple. She says to Manveer that I was affected by your word because I expect a care and concern from you. But you were behaving wrong to me. Manveer laughs and asks really. She says yes.


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  1. Niti

    I just hate order to enter final she do theses disgusting things. If it’s a zoo she also a animal there.Bani is straight forward playing alone since beginning she never hurt anybody with personal comments.lopa use Rahul dev,Rohan,manu as ladder to move forward this is worst big boss I don’t watch even n none of my friend too low standard coz of lopa like people!!!

  2. Anmol

    Bani is a bit**h…she doesn’t deserve to stay in big boss house…bani’s all fan r also her bi**h…u two both ruby nd hv no knowledge about how disguting bani is…she is bull sh*t…Go to hell all bani’s fan


    Bani is a psycho patient. He does not share his cake with others, a selfish and proud personality. Think he is more famous than any one. Does not behave properly to elders also. instigate peoples. A junk character.

    • Sonali Singh

      totally agreed, Bani doesnot deserve to be in 13th week…She did personal attack on lopa on call center task but when lopa did the same, she became aggressive. what else Bani knows, nothing…. just becomes aggressive and provokes others, thats it….

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