Bigg Boss 10 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode-4th Elimination/Evicted Contestant Name

Bigg Boss 10 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode-4th Elimination/Evicted Contestant Name on

The upcoming episode will show that the most popular singer Himesh Reshammiya will be coming into the show and he sings a song on the stage with Salman Khan. Himesh is coming here to promote his latest song ‘Aapse Hi Mousaqui.’ All people are doing clapping for Himesh. Salman Khan is appreciating Himesh for his sweet voice. Himesha is looking so smart.

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Bigg Boss 10 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode:

In the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss will announce a task in which:-

  • Bani VS Lopa Mudra
  • Gaurav VS Manveer

They will do a free-style wrestling. It would be getting so much interesting as time passing out. The person who will get defeat, he/she will become a sevak for that person who defeated them. All people are getting shocked. They are going tot he area where they can do fights. Finally, Lopa Mudra and Manveer are winning the fight and defeated VJ Bani and Gaurav Chopra. Naveen declares it on Salman’s demand.

After some time, Tanisha and Andy are coming on the stage just to talk to all the contestants. Tanisha and Andy are super excited to talk to all people. Salman Khan welcomes them and says that let’s get ready to talk to all people. Andy says that Lokesh is so interesting character and I likes her so much.

After this, Tanisha says that I like VJ Bani because she is playing very nicely and always looking so enthusiastic. Salman brings all the contestants in the hall room in front of the camera. Salman Khan introduces them by saying that, these are from Bigg Boss Season 7 and coming here to talk to you.

Bigg Boss 10 13th November 2016 Written Update:

 In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, Salman will say to all to get ready for the elimination. It’s a right time to get eliminate out of three who are already nominated. Those are Lokesh, Rahul Dev, and Naveen. Let see who will get eliminate tomorrow. Finally, the nominated contestants is Naveen.

Manu, Manveer, Lopa, and Monalisa are crying a lot for Naveen.

He is crying a lot. Swami hugs Naveen and says that we need you, so please don’t go from here. But as time passing by, Naveen is going out from the house and goes on the Salman Khan’s stage. He is coming there and sees all the contestants on the big screen where Swami ji is also crying  a lot.

Swami says to Salman to please send Naveen inside and calls me outside. This house needs Naveen now. Naveen says please Swami ji, don’t say all of this, you just take care of yourself. Manu and Manveer are completely with you.  But after them, I like only Monalisa and Lopa. They are such a good girls. Salman Khan who is number one in the home. Then he replies that Manveer is number one man. Salman Khan asks who is at zero. He replies Rahul Dev. Salman Khan asks what happened? Rahul replies that I am well-educated, engineer, so that I never do plotting or planning further.

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