Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Update Episode on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all people are getting wake up and then starts to roam here and there. Gaurav is asking for Bani. Rohan is going to find out Bani. They are getting Bani.

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Bigg Boss asks one more question to all in Luxury Budget Task that who will Rohan’s captaincy boundation applied by Bigg Boss will get over or not? All people are getting excited to give an answer for his questions too. They are giving an answer that Rohan’s boundation is no getting over and he will become a captain again.

After some time, Bigg Boss asks one question that who will be getting tie till my next order? a) Gaurav and Bani, b) Swami and Rahul Dev. Here Priyanka is saying Bani and Gaurav. But Manu says that no, we have to answer option b. Finally, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Swami Om and Rahul Dev will be getting tie till my next order. All people are laughing a lot. Bigg Boss says that one bounded rope is available in the store room.

Here in the night, Manveer and Bani are seeing the moon in the sky and gets so happy. After that, Manveer says to Bani that why are you saying all this or behaving like this. If you want to play politely then you have to stay happy always. Don’t take any tension by thinking about this the Bigg Boss house tension. Manveer says that why are we taking a tension if winner is already present in this home.

Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss says to Priyanka and Manu to go inside the home by leaving you luggage here in the secret room. You people just take your slate and comes into the confession room. Bigg Boss asks questions that who will become the nomination of next captaincy post. a) Manveer, Bani & Lopa Mudra b) Gaurav, Nitibha, and Monalisa. Bigg Boss says that Manveer, Lopa, and Bani are the three nominated persons for next captaincy post.

Apart from this, Manu and Priyanka are coming inside the Bigg Boss 10 house where all people are getting so happy to see them. Manu hugs Monalisa and says that I have some messages for you. She asks what? Manu replies that I will give you those message in an alone meeting. She gets shocked. Here Baba starts to do drama with Priyanka. She says to Baba to stay away from her and not to call her as the daughter of yours. Click here-> Bigg Boss 10 13th December 2016 written update

In the night time, Manu and Manveer are talking to each other about the situation which was happened before sometime in the house. Manu says that I just want to say you only one thing and that is, you are getting famous a lot. Even you are becoming ‘B’ of Bigg Boss house. Manveer is getting so happy and asks that so many people are standing outside my home. Manu laughs. Manveer says that Monalisa was joining hand with Gaurav after you which hurt me a lot. Even she defame me. So that I was getting against her. Manu says that I know everything, you don’t worry.

Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Update:

After this, Manu calls Manveer and Monalisa together. He is trying to sought out their issues but Monalisa and Manveer are not ready to hear anything. So that, Manu is saying to them to go from here and take rest because I am also getting tired this time. Monalisa and Manveer are going from there. Let see what is Manu thinking about this matter? Just see more.

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