Bigg Boss 10 14th November 2016 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 10 14th November 2016 Written Update Episode on

The upcoming episode will show that the Bigg Boss says to all to start nomination of this week. This time here will be a total four nominations, these nominations will base upon one factor and that is, boring. The contestant who is boring is being nominated for this week. But this thing is being decided by all contestants. They mutual discussion will bring out those four names.

Here on the other side, Manu, Manveer, and Monalisa are talking to each other about the words which were said by Rahul Dev like he is educated man and that’s why he is not plotting any game or trick against contestants. Manu says that he said like we are uneducated people and that’s why we are plotting games. What is this yar? Stay in touch with us for more updates.

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Bigg Boss 10 14th November 2016 Written Update Episode:

Bigg Boss says that now we are going to start the nomination process. But before that, I want to ask Nitibha that she want to use her last metallic immunity tag or not. Nitibha says that yes I want to use my tag now. Bigg Boss says that Nitibha is safe this week. Apart from this, Bani is also safe because she is a captain of this house. But because of her rude behavior, she is not becoming a part of these nominations like she won’t suggest anything. Bigg Boss orders Bani to go back into you bedroom now.

Here all the contestants are starting their discussions for the nomination of this week. Gaurav gives Rahul, Karan, ,Lokesh, and Mona. Karan gives Lokesh, Manu, and Rahul. Just likes so many people are giving their four names, out of which Bigg Boss will finalize the names now. In between Manu and Swami OM are getting in a big controversy. Manu is getting out of control and he says to Swami that you are getting changed every day.

During nominations, Karan gets 8, Rahul gets 7, Lokesh gets 5, and so on. All people are doing a lot of controversy with each other. In between Swami om calls Monalisa as Premika. Mona is getting shocked and angry too. Mona calls Swami OM as sala ganda. After Mona, Lokesh is coming to talk to Swami om ji about Mona’s matter. But Swami is getting bursts out on Lokesh very badly.

Mona is crying  a lot after getting bad words of Swami that she is having an affair with Manu. Lopa and Nitibha are giving an emotional support to Mona. They are saying that we all know about everything, so why are you thinking a lot.

Bigg Boss 10 14th November 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Bigg Boss says to Manveer to give four names which you want to nominate according to the mutual discussion. Manveer stands up and gives four names. Those four names are Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev, Rohan Mehra, and Gaurav Chopra. Gaurav and Rahul are coming in between this. They are saying to Manveer that don’t you say all this, we have decided another four name, those are Karan, Rahul, Mona, and Lokesh.

Bigg Boss says that I feel, you people don’t agree with these four names. So that I will give you more time to discuss and then inform me. Bigg Boss says to Bani to go back to your room. After some time, Bigg Boss says to Manveer to give four names. Manveer says that Karan, Rahul, Lokesh, and Monalisa.

Four Nominated Contestants names are:

  1. Karan Mehra
  2. Rahul Dev
  3. Lokesh
  4. Monalisa

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